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  • It should be remembered that pleasure isnít happiness, but only a part of happiness; the same way that frosting isnít a cake, but only a part of a cake.

  • Trying to remember the origin of oneís beliefs is like trying to remember oneís birth.

  • The fact that money isnít everything is irrelevant, because nothing else is everything either, but money isnít really a bad first step on the way towards everything.

  • To put todayís trials in perspective, just try and remember a year ago as to how trivial those trials seem today, that is if they can be remembered at all.

  • Those that abide by luck will lose while those that abide by probabilities will win, -probably.

  • Why is it intended to cheer one when saying ďCheer up, it could be worse.Ē, when it would be far better if it were known that it couldnít be worse?

  • It is a perverted form of self-flattery to imagine oneself important enough for most others to be concerned as to whatever you might do.

  • Zealots of every kind believe they are the sole arbiters of truth and wisdom, and are much more to be feared than those that make an overt effort to seize power.

  • Oneís desire to be immortalized is self-delusional. Oneís name is all that can become immortal, and a name has nothing to do with the person having that name. After a generation or two oneís immortality is nothing more than a group of letters. Our effects can long persist though, even if those effects have an anonymous origin.

  • There often is more utility in a lie than in a truth, but also, there often is more utility in a burning log than in a growing tree.

  • Something isnít false because bad people say it, nor is something true because virtuous people say it.

  • Our mental abilities are closer to that of a mouse than they are to the exalted heights that we commonly suppose.

  • It is helpful to trust in the basic honesty of others up until the time that they ask you for your money.

  • The wisdom of the masses is often little more than a set of commonly held hunches disguised as deep thoughts.

  • If, as some say, the fear of death is worse than death, should we then assume that they have no fear of death or that they are masochists?

  • It is often said that no beliefs are as likely to persist as those that have been the object of eradication, but, how is this knowable since if they were eradicated we would have no evidence of their existence?

  • Trying to understand someone by reading excerpts of that personís life is like trying to appreciate a poem with stanzas coming to us randomly.

  • Fear is a blessing when it moves us away from danger, but a curse in the more frequent cases where it moves us away from dangers that never were.

  • Something doesnít have to be totally false to be false, but something does have to be totally true to be true.

  • Trying to force a belief into another is like trying to give a cat a bath pan of water.


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Page 72 of  131

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