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  • We have yet to document the existence of a haunted house but have no trouble finding all we want of haunted heads.

  • Each life is but a slender thread of existence of unknown length that we each should sew into the fabric of mankind to strengthen it.

  • We need to be careful where we direct our interests, for that direction is the one in which our character will follow.

  • One thing that never breaks, no matter how much it is stretched, is our imagination.

  • Life seems like trying to drive a car backwards at full throttle with only the road behind as a guide.

  • It seems as if modern man wants to dismiss the wisdom of the ancients as no longer relevant to our future; a wisdom that for thousands of years has indicated that happiness can never be found in possessions or the approval of others, but found only within one’s being. The general discontent of our present time indicates the lasting truth of the words of the ancients.

  • We spend our time like having a checking account in which we are never told of the balance that remains.

  • It may be that the only purpose of life is only the purpose that we place within it.

  • If we present ourselves falsely to others, their acceptance is that of a phantom instead of who we really are, something that can never be satisfying for anyone’s need for acceptance of who we really are.

  • Life isn’t a contest to see who can be the happiest; rather it is an opportunity for each of us to be as happy as our individual natures allow.

  • It is nice to have great intellect in pursuing one’s goals, but having great courage to continue trying after failures is even more important.

  • Many equate fun with happiness, but fun is only one facet of happiness, not its entirety; to think otherwise would be like thinking that health is a product of eating continuously instead of something needed to do on occasion to ensue health.

  • When we act oppositely to our deepest beliefs, we will always have conflict and turmoil within; to eliminate that conflict we must either alter our acts or alter our deepest beliefs, the latter being far more difficult to do, and perhaps even impossible.

  • If we were only to live because no one wanted us dead, there’d be few of us left.

  • Some seem drawn to love others only because of their need for an audience.

  • It is one of life’s great misfortunes that on occasion our best intentions will bring on the greatest of harms.

  • Some carry darkness with them where ever they go, just like a portable shadow looking for a bright spot to darken.

  • For boys to be boys is understandable, but for forty-plus year old men, it would be a miracle. Still they remain undeterred while praying in secret.

  • Offering help is like air flowing over embers-a little rekindles one’s striving,-a lot extinguishes.

  • If we believe that happiness can only come through the acquisition of the latest gadget or the newest house, then we have to assume that happiness was nonexistent before the gadget and the house existed. There are many that were and are happy with none of what many today regard as necessary for happiness; these people are truly blessed

  • We should look on talent as a raw material, not a finished product, as it still must be forged into something useful to have any value.

  • Fortunately the days of sorrow only come to us one at a time.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 73 of  161

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