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  • If it is true that we will all rise to our own level of incompetence, then it easy to see why most of us are parents.

  • Some days, it seems as if we have a surplus of answers without questions, and on other days a surplus of questions without answers.

  • When I was a child, people were paid to walk up and down streets with advertising placards on their fronts and backs; today the consumers are willing to pay to do the same thing with their T-shirts.

  • It is true that everything happens for a reason, but it isnít necessarily true that everything happens for a purpose.

  • Advertising is all about getting us to change our minds, and their most preferred change is to stop us from thinking critically about what they are promoting.

  • It seems as though when we have no major problems, we do as newscasters do; we take small problems and make them large.

  • It is helpful, to think about anything in life that we wish were different, as falling into one of two categories, those things which we merely prefer to be different, and those things that we care enough about to try and change. Thus, when we encounter something that we donít like, but are yet unwilling to try and change, it immediately falls into the category of: ďI donít care.Ē In this way it is easy to mentally put what are only preferences behind us and concentrate on the things that we care enough to give the very best of ourselves.

  • Some times itís being in a crowd that makes it so obvious how alone we are.

  • The death of every person creates a hole in mankindís being, but no matter how important that person is, the hole is just like a hole that we make in water when something is taken from it.

  • What kind of hallucinogenic drug would a person have to be on to actually believe that ďYou are what you eat.Ē? That person must really be looking at some very peculiar dudes.

  • Perhaps after God created Adam, the silence was too much, so He created Eve.

  • The world is loaded with things that can bring on emotional disruption, but it isnít loaded with anything that can bring on the serenity of merely being; we shouldn't look at life as something can bring on happiness, but only the unfulfillable promise of happiness; the source of happiness is within each of us.

  • Give a man a fish and youíve fed him for a day; teach him to fish and he might not come home again.

  • There was a time when men fought and killed for the purpose of reproduction; this is evolutionary theory of the survival of the fittest. Since nations and their armies came into being, nations have used their most fit men in combat, leaving the least fit home to survive a war and to reproduce. This is evolution in reverse and perhaps explains why it seems as if the quality of humans is devolving.

  • Many will despair in realizing that all of the accomplishments of mankind, physical, emotional, and intellectual will dissolve into nothingness at some unknowable point in the future, but this is not an argument for not improving the plight of mankind for as long as we can and for as much as we can.

  • If another says something hurtful, it is wise to ignore it; if the words were not intended to hurt, our resentment will hurt the innocent; if the words were intended to hurt, our resentment will reward the guilty.


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Page 73 of  101

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