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  • In the search for personal happiness, few things are as productive as constantly asking ourselves if having something or avoiding something is important to our happiness. When it is, then pursue or avoid it; often though, desires and fears are only impulses that are extraneous to happiness at best, but more often we will find them destructive to our happiness.

  • Relentless persistence will overcome virtually all of our other deficiencies.

  • Those that withhold a kindness for concern that it won’t be returned or appreciated were only considering providing an obligation, not a kindness.

  • “I am.” Is as short of a sentence that we can make, but is also one of the most profound; for in our being we proclaim that we are not part of a whole, but that we are the whole of our own existence. Being the entirety of an entity means that we aren’t obligated by our existence to conform to the standards of others any more than they are obligated to conform to ours; we are free to pursue our own goals as long as they don’t destroy another’s pursuits; we are free to suffer the consequences as well as the rewards of our acts, and that we are free to continuing existing without any restraints from others as long as we don’t obstruct them. In other words, “I am” embodies the profound declaration, “I am free.”

  • Nothing obscures our past as quickly or as surely as what we do in the present.

  • The bearer of enlightenment is the one that becomes most enlightened.

  • Mankind’s inhumanity becomes even more inhumane by our indifference.

  • Much of our daily language employs abstract terms that seemingly refer to things that may only exist in the mind of the communicator. When beliefs are shared, this poses few problems, but when not shared, accurate communication is questionable. Abstract words can be “de-abstracted” back into terms with which few would disagree exist. For instance if another saw a movie that you disliked, but the other said that it was an excellent movie, one might at first disagree. But, if one “de-abstracts” the word “excellent” to mean only that something was liked intensely by the person expressing, there would be no reason to disagree. No rational person would tell another person that they didn’t like something intensely just after they had expressed liking something intensely. Thus, “de-abstracting” both aids in communication and reduces conflict.

  • Those that distrust science seem to trust ignorance even more.

  • Freedom has such a powerful allure to us that many will fight and die to gain freedom for others when any close inspection will reveal that they had little of it for themselves.

  • One of the reasons so many of us fail in life is because many of us fail to read the owner’s manual supplied within each of us, and instead resort to reading the manuals that are intended for other models.

  • Any promise that we make, and any promise made to us, should always be regarded as conditional on circumstances that could never be anticipated at the promising. Except for legal contracts, tolerance for unanticipated circumstances will smooth our futures.

  • It would seem than many have very little value for their lives when they so willingly put it at risk for miniscule gain.

  • Those that seek to be envied, seek to bring out the worst in others.

  • Hunches are worth considering but not worth depending on, as we generally have no idea whether they originated in subconscious reasoning or subconscious madness.

  • It is best to open our doors and permit our fears to enter so that they can be destroyed, otherwise, they will always remain outside placing us under siege.

  • Ideals are valuable to possess, not because we ever expect to arrive there, but because ideals serve as navigational tools to aid us in getting to our realistic life-goals.

  • We will never find anyone that we can so readily deceive as ourselves. This is because we’ve had such extensive practice perfecting this art, plus the source of the deception is never suspected of deceiving.

  • The inability to compromise is a source of much human misery when humans require perfection in whatever they do, and even greater misery when they require the same of others.

  • I wonder if we would give so much advice if we were certain that others would act on it.

  • It is wise to profit from one’s mistakes; it is wiser to profit from the mistakes of others; it is wisest to profit from the mistakes that are prevented by thorough planning.

  • When the torch is passed, ignore those that are seated but not those moving your way.

  • The primary difference between the weak and the strong is that the weak are forced to choose between alternatives while the strong make the alternatives from which they choose.

  • The best way to have a unique idea is to have many ideas, especially those that seem silly at first.

  • Look twice before you leap, but also think thrice.


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