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  • Just because some decide to kill time, doesn’t mean that time won’t finally kill them.

  • Forgiveness is expressed more often than given.

  • The similarities between ourselves and those that we regard as very different are probably at least 90%. The remaining 10% is what we focus on instead, and this is the source of most of mankind’s problems. Perhaps if we focused on the 90% and learn to appreciate the diversity of our differences, strife would end.

  • When something weighs heavily on one’s mind, it helps to find someone to share the load.

  • By whatever criteria that we use for what is a “normal person” we will find out that the more we know of one another that we know of no normal people.

  • Life turns out to be very much like an excellent movie that we enter after its beginning and are forced to leave long before its ending.

  • If behind every successful man there is a woman, then very often behind an unsuccessful man there are two women.

  • The best that we could do yesterday is not necessarily the best that we can do today, and the best that we can do today isn’t necessarily the best that we will be able to do tomorrow.

  • It is wise to assume that every criticism is a truth and every compliment is a possible truth.

  • True honor comes from our knowing of our deserving, not from others becoming aware of our deserving.

  • Few are as wise as the fool that knows when to remain silent.

  • We are usually identified by what we do; one who bakes is a baker; one who preaches is a preacher, and one who mines is a miner. It is obvious what we should do if we want to be called honest.

  • Things don’t defy description as much as our deficiencies deny describing.

  • Those that praise the “good old days” would probably be unwilling to return to that time unless they could take along the comforts of the “new bad days”.

  • Much of our unspoken reasoning is in trying to persuade ourselves that we acted reasonably even when reason was never present at the time of our acting.

  • We never “pass the time”; it invariably passes us.

  • Humans tend to behave in ways that defy explanation, especially when we find it very difficult to get just one to follow us but find it easy to get a thousand.

  • If mere consistency is of value, then the most valued should be the most dead.

  • Except in very simple matters, when two disagree, it is probable that neither is correct as most matters have a complexity that few recognize and for which even fewer compensate.

  • Any lie can become a general truth if wrapped in such a way that it promises great benefits to potential believers.

  • There is a common theory that we must feel insecure in order for us to be spurred to do our best, however once a person tastes the sweetness of achievement, the spurs can be left off forever.

  • The winter plans that we have for next summer are seldom the plans that we employ come the end of spring.


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Page 74 of  161

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