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  • To be untroubled by the world’s problems is far from being unaffected by them, in very much the same way that to become weightless in space is not the same as being unaffected by gravity.

  • To take from a society without commensurate contribution is like the person who would take water from a pond and believe the act doesn’t reduce the pond by that amount.

  • To go to the Moon only because it is difficult, as a president once said, is irrational regarding mankind’s needs when there are so many pressing problems on Earth that aren’t difficult to remedy.

  • Instead of being proud that we know so much, we should be humble that we know so little.

  • Variety may be the spice of life, however, like all spices it is easy to add too much.

  • It may be that a little absence makes the heart grow fonder, but a lot of absence makes the heart to wonder and then to wander.

  • No prophesy is more accurate than the one that is held privately beforehand and made public afterwards.

  • It is doubtful that a fish, immersed in water, could ever think of another fish as being dry; in very much the same way, an individual, immersed in a neurotic society, could ever comprehend any other that is non-neurotic.

  • “Do-gooders” are more easily identified by their intentions than their results.

  • How strange it is that we so little value many of those things of great utility and so highly value so many of those things of little utility, a trait unique to humans. .

  • Ostentation is like a white flag proclaiming surrender to the opinions of others.

  • We often hear the condemnation of foolish pride as if there were any other kind of pride but foolish.

  • Nitpicking is the fine art of making great faults out of small ones without ever being detracted by one’s own smallness of character.

  • Fame may endure forever, but probably not where it was a year ago.

  • Doubt is the indispensable key to unlock the door to wisdom.

  • One may believe that someone that is close doesn’t add anything to life until imagining what life would be like in that person’s total absence, and then it might be discovered that that person added more than half of the value of living.

  • Any cause, no matter how harmful, if cleverly presented, can get countless youths willing to give up their lives for its attainment.

  • Security is most easily discovered in being aware of its scarcity.

  • The pantheon of greatness is readily placed upon those that have been killed for their beliefs.

  • Each year should not be used as something to consume; rather it should be used as a foundation for the following year.

  • Where does time go when it flees?-- Into the past only to be recycled into our futures, and that is the reason the future will become so similar to the past.

  • Once you have found out what you are, or even if you have found out what only a piece of you is, never turn it loose even if others call you mad.

  • Something that costs too much and works is cheap compared to something that costs very little and doesn’t.


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Page 74 of  131

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