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  • It proves of little benefit to others to pound on the doors of anyoneís mind to make its beliefs exit, as they will only exit when there are no demands made from without.

  • There is no way that we have a chance of happiness as long as we are blaming past events or current circumstances for what we are; happiness springs forth when we grasp what we are and carry what we are into the future without the slightest qualm.

  • On the rare moments that we glimpse the truth, we shouldnít blink lest it disappear.

  • The problem isnít in wanting to become a know-it-all, the problem is in thinking one is.

  • It is wise to not be concerned because there are those that dislike you; for if it could be known, most of these donít even like themselves

  • Like being in a labor union, we shouldnít expect lifeís great benefits unless weíre willing to pay our dues.

  • Donít forget that when we hear someone speaking poor English with an accent, that we probably canít speak any of their language even with an accent.

  • As the grain must be planted before the bread is eaten, so must the mind be planted with knowledge before we can consume its bounty.

  • If we were to only be allowed one automobile each to take us where we wanted to go for the rest of our lives, we would take great care to preserve that vehicle for as long as possible, yet we each have only one body to transport us through life and many treat their bodies as though it would be no trouble to get new ones should the present ones fail.

  • The ocean never tires of breaking helplessly on the shore, yet that breaking eventually wears away mountains until the sea no longer has a shore to break upon.

  • If in losing in a game we should blame the opponent, then we have not only lost the game but lost the focus for improving for the next game; because it is we that lost the game, not the other side that won. So it is also with life, we will always lose when we blame others, or other circumstances.

  • Our most lasting monument isnít of stone, but of the consequences of our lives that continue after us.

  • In the Serenity Prayer, we ask: ďGod grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.Ē Unfortunately we very often donít know what can be changed by perseverance. This results in our doing less than we are able and accepting many things that should be changed.

  • The greatest risk that we ever take is when we decide to understand ourselves.

  • In trying to bridge the chasm between one another, it will probably be more fruitful to bridge the gap with emotions, as it is likely that our emotions vary little from one another even though those things that cause the same emotion may vary greatly. That we can bridge the chasm with art and music is apparent. To bridge the gap with our intellect is much more difficult since almost every facet of intellect will vary vastly between individuals and even within the same individual at different times.

  • It is true that we canít make a new beginning, but we can still make a better middle.

  • If one aspires to excel at anything, it must be in something that one finds pleasure in; otherwise no amount of effort will ever escalate oneís skills above the average.

  • We can discover much more about ourselves by trying to understand why we have negative feelings about things, than we can by trying to understand our positive feelings.

  • To many, the road to Failure is by way of Success, and for others, the road to Success is by way of Failure, as it all depends on what we do at those important junctions along the way.

  • There are times when it seems like we handle problems with our minds and eyes wide shut and our mouths wide open.

  • Each of us should remain a student of life until graduation.

  • Life doesnít just give us a menu, it provides a great buffet; even so, we can only choose from what is available unless we are willing to enter the kitchen and prepare our own.

  • When we remove the punishment of saying the truth, fewer lies will be.

  • The shortest distance between two points is always when the points touch one another.

  • One of, and perhaps the greatest tragedy of modern Americans, is that they live in the best of times, and in the best of places, yet measure their happiness on a scale that focuses on what isnít in their lives that they still want.The reason why we tend to ignore the positive things is because their presence no longer causes their want, a feeling that we're all to susceptible to.

  • Arguments are more a dueling with words than an effort to inform another.

  • Most of those that have become wealthy are like a ballplayer that just hit a home run and after crossing home plate, heads for first base again.

  • Happiness comes to us like the wake of a boat comes to the shore; happiness is the product of what we do, and seldom the result of our direct efforts.

  • One of the most persistent problems that arise between individuals and even within ourselves,is the failure to recognize that feelings and reasoning are two separate entities, and that we cannot solve problems of feelings with reasoning, and that we cannot solve problems of reasoning with emotions. To fail to make these distinctions is like using a plumberís wrench to sew a button on a garment. No amount of reasoning will ever explain a feeling, and to inject feelings into our reasoning usually thwarts the reasoning.

  • Those that marry for money will gain wealth at the expense of emotional destitution.

  • Our thoughts are the vanguard of our acts; our acts are the vanguard of our characterí and character is the vanguard of harmony both internal and external.

  • Our greatest treasures arenít stored in a bank, but in the hearts of others.


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