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  • Our convictions shouldnít be like the wind that may change from one day to another, but like gravity that never forgets and never sleeps,

  • Science is the assassin of irrational beliefs, but it assassinates slowly enough that the belief just seems to die of old age.

  • Anything that is perfect is so only conceptually; anything that is real cannot be described as perfect except by the definitions that we use to define the concept of ďperfectĒ.

  • Great people take no mind of otherís seeing them as little, it is the little people that take offense at such a view.

  • Hypocrisy is commonly understood as professing to others beliefs that are not oneís own; not recognized, and perhaps more common, is the hypocrisy that we practice on ourselves when we tell ourselves that we believe one thing when our behavior reveals that we believe another.

  • All that is written is history; even if someone wrote a book about the distant future, that would be a history of what one person thought of the distant future at the time of its writing.

  • At one time it was believed that if a better mousetrap were invented, the world would beat a path to the inventorís door; this is not true today; if a better mousetrap were invented today, the inventor would also need a better infomercial for late night TV.

  • Some are married; some are only alleged to be so even though a certificate confesses that to be true.

  • Regardless of whether others sacrificed for us specifically or not, they produced a debt that is impossible to repay, but not impossible for us to forward on to future generations.

  • There can never be a rational defense of a personal taste; we never chose a taste; a taste is not the product of reason, and a taste is not extinguished by its denial.

  • We more often want to be spared from the consequences of our vices than from the vices themselves.

  • Believing that which is true is power; believing something to be true that isnít is weakness.

  • We are always told that we should honor our commitments and pledges, but suppose one has unknowingly committed or pledged to something that is later found to be evil; is it a greater virtue to honor those commitments and pledges, or is it a greater virtue to violate them?

  • Our society is becoming less tolerant of the naked truth and usually requires that it be clothed in sugar.

  • Following custom is often like following a Judas goat; it may know where itís going, but you may not be happy with the outcome.

  • It always strikes me as strange to visit the grave of some well know individual and find that Iím the only one there; this was a person that others crowded to be near, but in death is left alone. Such is the fate of fame and glory; they usually perish with the individual.

  • Just because a little knowledge is a dangerous thing doesnít mean that no knowledge provides safety.

  • Hyperbole, half-truths, white lies, and exaggerations are the first-cousins of lies.

  • Public accusation, even after being determined to be groundless, fails to ever eliminate the blot on anotherís reputation.

  • There are no false facts, there are only false claims of facts; facts are always true, the same as there are no false birds even though there are many genuine decoys.

  • Although history is a record of what others have wanted us to believe about the past, it still may be true; it may also be partially true, and it may also be entirely false, just like all other assertions even about the present.

  • To be called ignorant isnít as much of an insult as a fact; this is like saying that the Earth is tiny, which in comparison to the Universe is still being generous in describing its size.

  • Secrets should be regarded as what we tell others when we want something to be widely known.

  • Is it a greater virtue to benefit others by a selfish act than to harm others through a well-intended generous act?

  • Many make the mistake of assuming that because there is unhappiness in the absence of money, that there will be happiness in its presence; money may only relieve unhappiness, not create happiness. This is like a drowning man that is struggling to get to the surface to breathe. Once at the surface, he can breathe but still be far from land and safety.

  • Those that are impatient to achieve equality are unknowingly impatient to die.

  • We should never mistake fluency and assertiveness for honesty, as these traits are well developed in con-men.

  • A lie passes by most safely when preceded by a vanguard of truths,


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