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  • It is impossible to raise another up while putting that person down.

  • If we become upset over matters outside of ourselves, we are unknowingly giving power to those matters instead of our retaining our power over them.

  • When we discover those in need, it’s always easier to be the second to help.

  • To be better than we are requires no voice from a pulpit, no words from a book, and no inspiration from nature; all that’s required is to look within ourselves and discover that which was always there.

  • Though probably just an impression, it seems like the less that we plan for something, the greater the likelihood of its happening; this probably is because that which we plan for is handled quickly and quickly forgotten.

  • When we aim a derogatory remark at another, we tend to damage ourselves far more than the target.

  • It challenges our maximum courage to not leave a tip in an expensive restaurant when the service was poor.

  • A long-life is often a disappointment for those that didn’t provide for it

  • Beauty is something that can be discovered almost anywhere; beauty can be found even in the movement of one’s body if one would only concentrate on its discovery.

  • It’s best to always stand for the truth, even when you don’t know what it is.

  • One should excel at many things, but should be concerned if one excels at losing.

  • One is served well by focusing only on what one does and thinks, and not what one’s neighbors do and think, for what their bodies do and what their brains do, should be only their concern.

  • When others say that they know what they’re thinking, but they just don’t know how to put it into words, what they’re trying to express are feelings and not thoughts.

  • When we discover moments that seem particularly uplifting to our spirits, it is wise to inspect the immediately preceding thoughts and events to discover their causes, as these, once discovered, can usually be reintroduced in our futures for life’s enrichment.

  • Those with a weak sense of themselves will seek out celebrities for an autograph, handshake, or even a glimpse, as though the fame of another could be transferred in small part by that experience.

  • When we give our word to another, it may be impossible to retrieve.

  • As the conveyor belt of life passes by, the wise recognize and pick out the gems; the average picks indiscriminately; the unwise pick the stones, and the fools get onto the conveyor belt for thrills.

  • The most certain way, but not the only way to find happiness, is to be surrounded by happy people, and the surest way to become unhappy is to be surrounded by those that are unhappy; it is always in our interest to increase the happiness of those around us.

  • The basis for most arguments is ignorance of at least one, but more often of two.

  • Though words may not break our bones, some words create wounds that may never heal in a lifetime.

  • Impulse buying has much in common with drug addiction. One becomes excited by the anticipation of possessing something new, receives a high with its acquisition, and then experiences withdrawal when the high quickly leaves and the bills become due; then the process starts over again with the excited anticipation of a new meaningless acquisition.

  • You can’t get put into the game unless you’re sitting on the bench instead of the grandstands.

  • Repetitive thoughts tend to wear ruts in both one’s mind and character, causing thoughts to become beliefs and beliefs to become acts. For this reason care should be given to our persistent thoughts.

  • The ills that we have done in the past stains what we are today, but the goodwill that we do today bleaches that stain away like the sun bleaches away the mold of the past.

  • It is always those that feel themselves weak that go about destroying the strength of others.

  • Resentment towards others should vanish if we would only remember that we will cause ourselves much more pain than all of the others combined.

  • A persistent obstacle to solving problems arises in not being aware that “the problem”, is really a series of problems. Once identified as such, they can often be solved sequentially until “the problem” is resolved.

  • Failing to achieve a great goal is often worth far more than the successes of achieving several small ones.

  • Where is the wisdom when a nation is willing to go to war to pursue freedom for others when we have so willingly become slaves to our desires and fears?

  • Writing is like talking only the paper doesn’t disagree and accepts everything willingly.

  • Do business with those that you believe will make a profit in their dealings lest you find that they are making their profits where you can least afford their doing so.

  • Individuals are generally able to succeed in the recovery of their own emotional well-being, but are too impatient to do so because the process of self-discovery and self-recovery is slow and prolonged. With psychotherapy though, one can spend tens of thousands of dollars for help in a process of self-discovery and self-recovery that is just as slow and prolonged.

  • The desire to be liked by all and hated by none is corrupting to our existence because it takes us away from what should be our objective-to discover what we are, and to be what we are, whether anyone else would welcome us or not.

  • It is pleasing to reflect back on one’s accomplishments, but it is always a mistake to assume that another finds their recitations any more pleasing than if you were reciting last weeks weather report. Now, if you really want to get their attention, ask them about their accomplishments.


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