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  • To be satisfied with what we have, has been for millennia, a key part of becoming wise; it has been a goal of modern culture to cause us all to become dissatisfied with what we have, and therefore to become unwise.

  • Few things tend to be as personally corrupting as great success followed by great acclaim.

  • Oh, if only there were some way of letting those that most favorably influenced us, to know of what they had done, which to them may have seemed not worth noting.

  • It is one of our greatest delusions to believe ourselves safe, since danger is given to us in our first breath and departs only with our last.

  • Those that are habitually late in their arrivals should never be trusted on other matters; since they take no care of another’s time, which is a part of one’s life, they probably will take even less care of that which is of lesser value.

  • Unknowingly we become like those with whom we associate; to become like those that history calls great, we need to associate with their words and deeds.

  • Many want to be both rich and virtuous, but not necessarily at the same time.

  • In most cases, the belief of what is right or wrong is entirely a matter of personal tastes, personal tastes of which many feel should be imposed on others, as it is their only moral compass.

  • If a person establishes a long-term goal and is determined to achieve that goal regardless of what happens, then one will find that before its attainment, one can truly say: “I don’t care what I want.” and “I don’t care what I fear.” Once this happens, a sense of freedom ensues that is unlikely to be achieved otherwise.

  • When we find ourselves doing things that unexpectedly yield inner peace, we have accidentally discovered a part of our true path, a path that shouldn’t be abandoned only because all others tread elsewhere.

  • Inactivity is such an unnatural state for mankind, that it virtually assures unhappiness for those that possess it.

  • Though we may consider ourselves wise, we are not wise all of the time as shown by our many unwise acts that each of us commit. For this reason, we shouldn’t consider another unwise because of one foolish act.

  • Many a life is wrecked by driving through life under the influence of imagination.

  • Fortunate is the man that doesn’t lose his way after his fortieth year.

  • Our individuality is a crown that we all can wear unless we remove it in the hope of wearing another’s that seems more attractive for the moment.

  • The difference between an intuition and an impulse is that the latter is an expression of desire for something or for an act, while the former is an instruction about what should be done.

  • Our lives are never without having an influence on others for whether intending it or not, each of our shadows inevitably falls upon others.

  • Perhaps we shouldn’t take life so seriously, because it certainly doesn’t us.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 76 of  161

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