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  • Many condemn self-doubt as being detrimental to happiness and success; when self-doubt paralyzes one to not act, it should be condemned, but when it causes a person to pause and consider again before acting, self-doubt is a valuable habit.

  • The differences between what we believe, what we say, and what we do, bear an inverse relationship to happiness, as the most unhappy are those that have the largest differences.

  • The choice to swim with the current invariably means that one is going downhill.

  • When a blind man goes hunting rabbits, one should either stay out of range, or keep talking close by him.

  • That we can justify an act is meaningless, as we can always find a justification for any act as long as we are allowed to make the assumptions.

  • There are few virtues that canít be turned into vices by the extremes of excess.

  • Even the wisest individual will fail to apply that wisdom when emotions are ignited.

  • The journey that takes each of us from birth to death can be traveled either as a passenger or as a helmsman, with the passengers permitting others to determine their destinations.

  • The most certain way to make the world a better place is to make oneself a better person.

  • Those that fret over the future often fail to act today in doing what is needed to eliminate future threats.

  • When there are no facts, latch onto a theory; when facts arrive abandon the theory. Many of the beliefs of today are the result of doing the former and not the latter.

  • We are more able to live up to otherís good opinions of us than we are to try and disprove their poor opinions of us.

  • Not knowing where one wants to go in life, and without having a plan of how to get to a certain place, is like endlessly driving highways without benefit of maps or highway signs.

  • Denying the obvious truth of evolution provides the same ability to see the truth that the ostrich is said to employ when its head is buried.

  • The doors of our cages are never locked, all we need is the courage to open the doors and fly.

  • It is the fool, when traveling a path and discovering that it doesnít lead where intended, that refuses to turn around because of the fear that others will think him to be a fool.

  • We learn nothing with our mouths open; we learn nothing with our minds closed; we learn a lot with our mouths closed, and a lot with our minds open.

  • We often hear it said that someone made a fool out of another, but it is more likely that someone merely revealed a foolish opinion of another; if a person is a fool, another cannot make him one again; if not a fool, then no one can convert him into one.

  • The stupidity that dwells in each of us is kept hidden by our tendency to limit ourselves to the narrow spectrum of things that we understand and do well.

  • The easiest way to seem prescient is to make innumerable predictions but point out only the bulls-eyes.

  • Because an argument is won, the winner is no closer to the truth than before and the loser is perhaps closer but also perhaps no further away.

  • If great pleasure is pursued at the risk of great pain, there eventually will be great pain without any pleasure.

  • Our DNA set us in motion; our minds and circumstances determine where we move.

  • Individually we are like small streams that can change little, but united with others we can become like the mightiest of rivers that can change the Earthís countenance forever.

  • The futures that we someday want to harvest must first be planted in our minds.

  • Those that are evil do evil in proportion to their knowledge; those that are good do evil in proportion to their lack of knowledge.

  • Every giant step forward is really a multitude of undetected minute steps.

  • It is personally corrupting to hold on to any belief when we have persuasive reasons to abandon as false; it is the worst kind of corruption to impart by any means, these false beliefs on to another.


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