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  • What we view is not the same as the light that enters our eyes, because what enters our eyes is distorted by a lifetime of beliefs about what we view.

  • It isnít true that we can do anything in life that we choose because there are more limitations on what we can do than there are limitations on what we can imagine, however we will never know those limitations until our best effort is made repeatedly after each failure.

  • We fall into life like a snowflake pretending that winter will last forever.

  • The desire for revenge is a symptom of our weakness, because if we were strong we could let the actions of another just pass by because of our knowing that what they do is of little consequence, and any effort to get revenge will only divert us from our own goals.

  • Few things are as destructive to creativity as pressure to be creative by a certain time and the fear that our creativity has been exhausted.

  • We can learn more about life when another tells us the truth instead of a lie. We can learn more about another when we are told a lie instead of the truth, because the lie reveals much about what is inside the life of the other.

  • It seems to be part of human nature to know of things that never were, are not, and will never be.

  • Oneís health will be the plunder of time.

  • The Grim Reaper knocks at the doors of both the poor and the rich, but tends to knock later at the latter.

  • Having seized the day, many are at a loss as what to do with it.

  • Is it possible that one can be happy while expressing discontent?

  • That mankindís future development has its limits is certain, but it is also certain that mankind will never know what those limits will be, even after they have been reached.

  • Though a little knowledge is dangerous, a great amount of knowledge is also dangerous; itís just that the two suffer from very different dangers.

  • It would greatly benefit our peace of mind if we would only remember that there were innumerable, but unable to recollect, upsets in the past that mattered for nothing, and which in most cases we canít even recall whether they happened as we wanted or as we feared.

  • Curiosity about any subject should be like reading a page of an interesting book, in that once we are done with one ďpageĒ, the more eager we become to explore the next.

  • Happy should be the person that is paid for being immersed in that which one would otherwise choose to swim in for no payment at all.

  • Many of the things we want come with a hook hidden within, and many of the things we fear come with a core of sweetness hidden within.

  • We are able to pursue so many interests that we become able at none.


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Page 77 of  161

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