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  • Fame starts out as acclaim of another and evolves into only words about a name.

  • Inquiry tends to leave when a certainty enters, thus leaving inquiry stranded with only a fragment of the whole.

  • Americans have no trouble tolerating those that are different as long as they arenít too different.

  • Unless a time and place are specified, it is impossible to ever be certain of the nonexistence of anything.

  • The silver, present in the cloud that appears to have a silver-lining, could only be a mirage as no cloud could support the weight of real silver.

  • Much miscommunication occurs because instead of letting our words describe what we are communicating about, we let our words describe our beliefs or our feelings about those things without expressing that that is all that we are doing.

  • It is a mystical delusion to believe that truth will always reign over that which is false, as there is often clear evidence of the reverse occurring and clear evidence that mankind will continue to cling to comfortable untruths while rejecting discomforting truths.

  • Were it not for deep ruts of our customs, many could pursue lives of enrichment instead of despair.

  • The future is likely to be led, not by those that have knowledge, but by those that can utilize change.

  • It seems to be true about our understandings that the more light that we shine on something, the less we see.

  • The purpose of each life is found within its middle and never in its beginning and ending.

  • If the future holds any certainties, one will be that freedom will always be under attack by those that either envy it or are incapable of understanding what freedom is, and therefore must destroy that which canít be understood or attained.

  • Walls can restrain as well as exclude but they can never provide freedom even when they are only mental.

  • Those that borrow fame from their ancestors are really guilty of easily recognized theft.

  • In science, every correction is a correction just waiting to be corrected.

  • All progress is in some way dependent on violating traditions and customs.

  • The strength of a conviction bears an inverse relationship to the amount of knowledge on the subject.

  • Mature individuals should feel no more elevated by the knowledge that an ancestor was Thomas Jefferson than if the ancestor were Benedict Arnold for no one is made different by such knowledge unless profoundly vain.

  • People that live in glass houses, of course, shouldnít throw stones, and as far we know, those that donít shouldnít either.

  • There probably is no more certain way to handicap an individualís progress, or even a nationís progress, than to adopt dogmas about how one should be; as long as dogmas describe what an individual or a nation should be, no higher goal is likely and the potential is never fully developed.

  • While drowning in our ignorance, we somehow delude ourselves into believing that we are knowledgeable.

  • We should never judge another on any matter; not because we may be judged by the same standard; not because judgment is perhaps harmful to the judged; not because we are always too ignorant to understand what moves another, but because to judge another is a self-induced poisoning of the soul of all those that judge, even when judging alone and in silence.

  • To point out the achievements of our ancestors makes even more glaring our lack of them.

  • A belief and an assumption are far from being the same thing; assumptions are consciously chosen; a belief, even when a person says that they chose to believe, only asserts an assumption. Beliefs are taken in and held like a kind of Velcro that we can neither control nor understand, nor can we say what causes that Velcro to turn loose of a belief and cling to another.

  • It may be that cream will always rise to the top, but if there be any scum, it will rise to the top of the cream.

  • Even though the end might not justify any means, it should at least justify some means.


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