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  • Tyrannies at every level arise from those that have unquestioned certainties and the power to implement them.

  • No one would trust us on any matter if we lied to them as much as we lie to ourselves. Why then do we trust ourselves so?

  • There are times when writing, when oneís fingers seem to spring to life and write what never came to the awareness of the writer; it is as though oneís hands have mysteriously been attached to an entity whose presence is unknown and that writes thoughts that were never thought.

  • Advice is most often requested when we want another to confirm our intentions.

  • Organized religions often serve as Trojan Horses for many of their leaders and followers to disguise the real motives for their acts.

  • We should remember that every ďhas beenĒ is also a ďĒwill beĒ.

  • We never really want to change our minds, but changing our opinions, now thatís a very different matter.

  • Take seriously when others contradict us by, for they may be opening a doorway to a truth yet unknown to us.

  • One type of erroneous thinking that crops up daily is when we hear constants used to explain variables; this means that if something changes, that change canít be explained by something that didnít change. It is doubtful that any other kind of erroneous thinking is as frequent.

  • When a person goes fishing, the person goes to where the fish are. When we have emotional problems, we should go to our heads, not the heads of others.

  • It is said that one of the characteristics of insanity is in doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the results to be different; by that standard, we must be insane for we keep buying things, hoping that they will somehow fill our empty lives, but they remain as empty as they did before.

  • It is well that we reflect back on our mistakes to insure that we donít repeat them; it is a mistake to dwell on them however, for to do so is another mistake that blackens our present.

  • Certainty is like a train on a track that has no interchanges and which blindly follows wherever the track leads. Doubts provide interchanges that permit us to go whenever reason and changing destinations suggest otherwise.

  • The acts of others tell us their religions; their words tell us only their theologies.

  • Life is a long journey in a small canoe on a turbulent sea; those that wish to get to their destinations need to stop paddling on occasion and bail like hell.

  • The wealthiest among us are those that are without want; the poorest among us are those consumed by want. Neither of these depends on finances.

  • Playing it safe in life isnít really playing; itís practicing for dying.

  • The emptiness that many feel within cannot be filled by food and drink, and cannot be filled by being surrounded by possessions, because the emptiness is not for want of matter but for want of self-fulfillment that is different for every individual, and has little to do with anything that is physical.

  • In a very real sense, everything we know is genuine; a genuine counterfeit dollar; a genuine copy; a genuine imposter; etc. What is needed is to know if the outside is representative of the inside, and this includes you and me, and especially our acts.

  • When my time comes to die, I pray that Iím unconcerned as to whether there is life after death, because I hope that I will feel that Iíve done enough existing and desire no more.

  • If we would be free, we must not let the weight of what we should have done today become our burdens of tomorrow, lest they become our taskmasters.


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