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  • We can give to the world, but the world can only lend to us.

  • Self-acceptance isn’t the same as self-satisfaction, because we can still accept what we are and yet want to become more.

  • The euphoria of living comes as a byproduct of a happy life, not the other way around. Seeking a happy life through euphoria is the siren song of drug use.

  • In the long history of mankind, no crime has been so often treated as a capital offence as the crime of having a different opinion.

  • Censorship should begin and end with one’s own attention span, and we should not be concerned about the attention spans of others regarding any material.

  • One thing that is in abundance, yet is created from nothing, is ignorance.

  • The dilemma: To gain immortality, one must first die; in order to find out if one was immortal, one needs to be alive.

  • A sharp tongue cuts its owner more deeply than it does others.

  • Keen judgment is the dike that keeps out the flood of nonsense that tries to inundate us daily.

  • Speed is a wonderful thing. It was given to the hare to escape the wolf, but it was also given to the wolf to catch the hare.

  • The darkest shadows that we cast are when our envy causes us to act against another without any possibility of gain even to ourselves.

  • The only good thing about living in misery is that there’s no rent to pay.

  • Much bravado is like a gun without bullets in that they both appear threatening until tested.

  • For most of us, we are proof of the law of unintended consequences.

  • One thing that can be purchased only once is a good reputation.

  • Anyone that believes that scientific change should be halted is like the horseback rider that would yell “Whoa!” while the horse is jumping a fence.

  • The tears of personal tragedy make no echoes as they fall.

  • Conscience is the mirror of the soul.

  • We should concern ourselves more about what a life made than what made a life.

  • If we would only reflect on the past and recall that the happiness that we anticipated from only possessing something was always fleeting, then we should expect only more fleeting happiness in the future by mere possessing.

  • Home may be where the heart is, but lust has no home of its own.

  • Pride, an icon of much of modern American life, is a kind of parasite that has been placed within us to enable our ready exploitation by others.

  • We always have a choice, no matter what the situation, but, we may not have any of the choices that we want.

  • One our greatest treasures is the power that we possess that is concealed from others and which we never use unless necessary for a common good.

  • There is need for great care in laying a foundation when young because it is as if laid upon granite, but when old, the foundations that we lay are laid on shifting sands making permanence of anything only an illusion.

  • It seems strange that when we meet those that seem unaffected by telling them the truths that we assume that they don’t want to hear, that we loose respect for them initially because of their assumed weakness, but gain the highest regard for them later as we discover that their being unaffected is a sign of their great inner strength.

  • If the most valuable of all uncut-diamonds were found by the road, it would seem like nothing but just another stone to us. It is in this light we should regard one another, as we are all unable to recognize whether there is a gem or just another stone within that person at our first meeting.

  • When we are with someone that we love, we find that there are so many hours that pass that are of little value, but after that loved one is gone forever, how longed for becomes those hours so long ago discarded.

  • We, all snuggled up in our little corner of time and space, always imagine our grandness instead of our minuteness; were this not so we would recognize that very little in life is worth any distress at all, because there will always will be problems crouching about us, most of which are of little or no consequence.

  • To be free means more than merely removing our chains, it means removing our chains as though they were our ballast so that we can now break free and soar.

  • One of the greatest pleasures of the ascetic is nothing at all.

  • We can all be examples of the law of averages without any of us being average.

  • We should always remember that when we fear those that are hostile to us that they also fear our resolve to resist their hostilities.

  • We are all aware that freedom means our ability to act without arbitrary restraints; what isn’t commonly regarded as freedom is our ability to not act at all on matters of personal significance. One kind of freedom is just as important as the other. When we are free, We are free to not join the religion of those about us even when they urge that we do; we are free to not share the same interests of those about us even when they urge that we do; we are free to not have beliefs that conform to those about us even when they become unsettled by our beliefs; and, we are free not share in the tastes of anyone else, even when our different tastes cause others to doubt their own tastes. Unless we have the freedom to not do, the freedom to do will always cause us to remain just half free.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 78 of  161

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