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  • The chains that enslave can be either around our bodies or within them.

  • Understanding is what we call the delusion that we comprehend completely what has produced something else, and because of that delusion we cease further inquiry.

  • Gratitude is most sincere when genuine appreciation is shown without an offer of reciprocity.

  • Justification is for naught; even the criminal feels justified in his criminality.

  • One should neither trust nor distrust those that have a financial interest in our choices; rather we should always verify the basis of all choices when money is concerned.

  • Almost all new thoughts are old thoughts thought of in a new way.

  • There are those that believe that great fortunes are built merely by chance; this is like believing that a house comes into being by a the happy coincidence of building materials just falling together fortuitously.

  • There is no such thing as an average American even though most Americans will act as though there were.

  • Oneís attitudes are chiefly responsible for oneís rising or falling to oneís eventual altitudes.

  • We should always take seriously those that ask questions when the answers seem obvious, for it may be that they are looking through cracks in those beliefs that we believe to be solid.

  • Beware of the path, followed by all, unless wanting to become like all.

  • That gain cannot be made without some other person's loss is an antiquated belief still held by many; if this were true, one would need to explain where are all those that lost as we became surrounded by wealth that the world increases by the minute. We can create wealth, not just filch it from others.

  • More wretched than the ignorant are those that imitate knowing.

  • Seldom is intolerance more justified than when applied against the intolerant.

  • If perfection is ever found, it will be found where it has always been, in the mind.

  • We are closer to being the savage than we are to being what we think ourselves to be.

  • Without knowing of the past, how can we be sure that our future isnít returning to the past?

  • Why is it that our beliefs are held dear when so many are ill-founded on what is known, and why is it that we hold those beliefs most dear the more they are ill-founded on what is known? Perhaps this is because our beliefs are what we identify as being what we are, and the more unsupported those beliefs, the more we become an individual and not merely just another small part of humanity.

  • Once a belief is lost, it rarely finds its way home again.

  • All of the perversities of life that befell others, could also have befallen us were it not for fortuitous circumstances that we could neither have controlled nor even influenced. It is an error to assume that we have created what we are and that others have created what they are. The differences are found in very small and usually unknowable things that cause some to be as if blessed and others to be as if cursed.


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Page 78 of  131

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