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  • Very often, the most expensive things of life are received free of charge.

  • It is simple to speak truths; it is complex to speak lies.

  • The zero may seem like nothing, but it is something that, were we without it, we wouldn’t have most of what civilization enjoys today.

  • Virtue is not an indivisible entity, but something that can be divided infinitely without reducing its origin.

  • Without a marquee, we would never know whether there is a comedy or tragedy within the theater or within an individual either.

  • It is pure mysticism to believe always that “What goes around, come around.”, for the world is full of those that have benefited greatly without meaningful contributions and those that have contributed much but live their lives in despair.

  • Our greatest dangers don’t crowd around us but hide safely within each of us within those beliefs that conflict with the known and unknown truths of our world.

  • It is wise to mistrust anything that seems only good.

  • It is only when in sickness that we completely recognize and value our previous good health, and because this is so, an occasional sickness helps put, what is truly of value, into rational perspective.

  • Many of those that seem very wise in instructing others have failed to first instruct themselves.

  • It is a delusion to believe that were we able to live exactly as another that we would be as happy as we believe that other to be.

  • We grope for truth in our blindness, and even when we have it in our hands, we are still unsure.

  • Evolution continues in our existence, but because we can neither comprehend very large or very small numbers, we remain unaware that we are the link between what mankind was and what mankind will be.

  • One of life’s greatest and rarest blessings is to be found in the deep and lasting love between a man and a woman that evolves, over the decades, into a union that neither knew before ever existed anywhere.

  • We identify madness as being in those whose madness differs greatly from the prevailing madness of their culture.

  • The truths that were successfully developed for one people at one time may fail miserably when applied to all peoples for all time.

  • Those that believe in good and bad luck must believe that randomness has, for the first time ever, stopped being random and done so on their account.

  • Insecurity about beliefs is the chief reason that society persecutes those whose beliefs conflict with those of the many.

  • If one takes the thoughts of others and weaves them into something else, is that originality or repetition?

  • The most important steps in seeking that which is true are the steps to discover and destroy that which is false within each of us.

  • All understandings that can’t trace their causes back to the origin of the Universe are and must remain only partial understandings.

  • Almost everyone wants to have truth behind them, but few bother to look behind to see if it’s still following.

  • Trying to quell an idea whose time has come is like a firing squad trying to quell the fog.

  • There are many references on how to control our futures; although this is a worthy goal, it is only that, as all we can do is favorably influence our futures. The variables, present in every life, are too numerous to believe that anyone, no matter how powerful, can control all of them to their personal benefit.


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Page 79 of  131

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