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  • As civilizations trend towards freedom, the individual must strive to not be enslaved by the prison of conformity that would convert those seeking freedom into societal drones.

  • History may be a fact at the moment of its birth, but becomes instant prey to those that demand a different reality through boundless revisions.

  • Clinging to a certainty is like clinging to a cloud. However, clinging to what are only probable permits oneís mind to remain open for discovering, that which is even more probable.

  • Blind hostility towards business is like an eyeless piglet rejecting its mother.

  • Slippery slopes are easy to descend and nearly impossible to ascend.

  • When dealing with others, compromise is often called upon in order to get results. When dealing with oneís conscience, compromise almost always results in regret and remorse.

  • A heated argument is like rubbing two pieces of wood together, in that the heat may ignite the embers of a new idea.

  • There would be many more happy marriages if both parties paid more attention to what is inside the otherís head, and less to what is on the outside.

  • Which is better, for a man to do good while trying to do evil, or a man to do evil while trying to do good?

  • When we express approval or disapproval of others, we are anointing ourselves an unwarranted judgeship over their affairs.

  • Treat power as if it were a serious disease, for power can destroy one's character as surely as disease can destroy one's body.

  • If you can, try and think of rain as being only "rainbow juice".

  • Using emotion, instead of reason, to solve lifeís problems, is like using a hammer to perform brain surgery.

  • A catalyst is something that facilitates a reaction without itself being changed, very much like how encouragement causes favorable changes in others without ourselves being altered.

  • As an airplane canít be trusted until flown, how can anyone be trusted that hasnít trusted others, or believed while not believing others?

  • Many speak first and then try to find the reasoning to support their words; had they reasoned first and then spoken, their words would have supported themselves.

  • It is a normal tendency to try and live up to the expectations that others have of us; if they think us to be honorable, we tend to be so; if they think us to be scoundrels, weíll not disappoint.

  • Courtesy is the emollient of life and discourtesy its sandpaper.

  • Advice, that is intended to help others, is best placed along the path that they travel instead of on their doorsteps.

  • If one wants to avoid being eaten by tigers, one stays away from them; similarly if one wants to avoid being devoured by destructive habits, one would keep the means of those habits away, and certainly not buy those means and keep them close by.

  • It is simple to speak truths; it is complex to speak lies.

  • Those that went before wanted to thrust us up into a better life, and when we find it so, we should not feel guilty for their success.

  • Without compromise, we and our institutions become as brittle as an ice cycle and as durable also.

  • Those that destroy the hopes of others may be removing all that they possess, thus leaving them no reason not to do desperate acts.

  • Intellectuals tend to fixate on an ideal and seek that ideal even if it is imbedded in the greatest of evils.

  • The easiest way to take advantage of another is to engage them in conduct where they are taking advantage of someone else.

  • Our character defects never leave, but often the conditions that revive them are kept at bay sufficiently to make them invisible.

  • There are those that are so predisposed to thinking that others are trying to control them, that no matter how helpfully intended is another, that theyíd probably reject rescue even if drowning.

  • It is better to fall in struggle than in rot and decay.

  • Enthusiasm and reluctance are respectively the keys as to whether there will be success or failure.

  • The longest lasting fame is of those that didnít seek it but instead sought only to do their best regardless of the judgments of others.

  • Those that are corrupted by their great power will usually be destroyed by its excesses.

  • Indecision may be wise in advance but fatal in the present.

  • If another says something hurtful, it is wise to ignore it; if the words were not intended to hurt, our resentment will hurt the innocent; if the words were intended to hurt, our resentment will reward the guilty.


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