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  • To believe that the average individual is becoming wiser over eons requires a faith in "trickle down wisdom". Many cultures depend on this not happening, as the less wise are more easily manipulated for the ends of others.

  • Jealousies escalate in direct proportion to our insecurities. Our insecurities escalate in direct proportion to the ignorance of what we are. Self-knowledge of what we are tends to exterminate jealousy.

  • Though we may like to do otherwise, we are eventually forced to return to the catacombs that silently intern the years of our childhood.

  • No greater handicap for an individual exists than one's belief in being handicapped, whether physically, mentally, racially, economically, lack of talent, or anything else. Being handicapped is more an attitude than an actuality.

  • We can no more be angry and rational at the same time, than we can be horizontal while we are vertical.

  • "Freedom" doesn't mean detachment from everything, only the ability to attach to what is chosen. Nothing in the universe can be completely detached, as there are always forces influencing even the largest and smallest of things, even in the darkest corners of the universe.

  • The two tributaries named "Heredity" and "Learning" forms the river named "Our Lives". Culture places levies on both sides of this river to restrict its flow into a very narrow channel, even where its overflow would harm nothing. It is up to each of us to determine where to overflow so that no harm is caused to others, or ourselves and then to be unafraid to flow there.

  • Perfection should be thought of as a direction, not a state of being.

  • One of mankind's highest arts is the art of becoming happy. It cannot be taught, and it cannot be learned; it must always be discovered individually, one tiny stroke at a time.

  • It isn't work to be doing what one loves, even if paid for doing so. It isn't leisure to idle at something that is disliked; no matter if one is paid well or not.

  • When those of a nation are no longer willing to die to preserve freedom, they will probably die in bondage.


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Page 9 of  131

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