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  • Republicans and Democrats are like two poles of a strong magnet, strongly and invisibly drawn to one another, but impossible to unite. They continue to exist only because of the other's existence.

  • THE SECRET SYLLOGISM OF THE POPULIST - Those primarily seeking profits are evil. Corporations primarily seek profits. Therefore, corporations are evil.

  • Freedom lost cheaply is only regained at great expense.

  • Those that believe that an oath of office will change personal interests into public interests are probably reincarnations of those that sought to turn lead into gold.

  • The tendency of many to look to others to solve their problems dooms them to remain as children, stunted by their dependency and slave to their benefactors.

  • Freedom gained at great struggle, can easily be frittered away by bargaining.

  • If the government is going to promulgate any value, it should be that the government promulgates no value other than this one.

  • A politician acting only in the public interest is as rare as a virgin in a brothel.

  • Free elections have become prohibitively expensive.

  • Those that have discovered that they have little of what the world needs, invariably form protest groups to oppose others that are trying to do something that the world needs.

  • When government sets about to permanently rob us of a freedom, they will disguise legislation as a panacea for a current unpopular problem.

  • Often legal judgment and justice are related only in theory.

  • Legislation is often opposed for no other reason than it benefits a few deemed undeserving regardless of whether the legislation would have greatly benefited the many.

  • One of the main things that our elected officials do to make us dependent on government is to manufacture complexities out of simplicities.

  • It is difficult to see how political-correctness isnít just another form of censorship all dressed up as compassion; a form of censorship that intends to censor even what we think by instilling guilt.


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