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  • Religion can be just as corrupting an influence upon mankind as it can be liberating, the same as a rain can be either a blessing or a curse.

  • If we purport to be a nation of laws and not religion, why is there any dispute about when an individual comes into existence? Those that wrote the Constitution never counted a fetus as an individual during the first census of 1790, therefore how can a non-individual possess any rights guaranteed by the Constitution unless an amendment is passed to declare it so?

  • There is at least a 1000 ways to get to Topeka, depending upon oneís starting point. Therefore, why would anyone believe that there isnít also at least a 1000 ways to find God, depending upon where one starts?

  • The real "Court of Last Resort" is never open to the public.

  • One doesnít plan to spend the rest of life at a university, but only to prepare for life after leaving. Why does organized religion hope that their members will always remain there, when God is to be found after organized religion has shown the path?

  • Every forward stride in science seems to step on fingers that are tenaciously clinging to comforting irrationalities.

  • The tendency of those that disparage anotherís religion is roughly proportional to their insecurity about their own religion.

  • Religions tend to give their own meanings to the Words of God, in very much the same way as a ventriloquist gives words to a dummy.

  • If God disliked differences in people the way that many of us do today, he would have made us all the same.

  • God doesnít need a stenographer to record our deeds, because we engrave them daily on our souls.

  • Few will concern themselves with salvation of the soul when confronted with starvation of the body.

  • The creation of Eve from Adam's rib may have been God's way of suggesting evolution to early man.

  • God may speak to us through a language called "Conscience".However the sociopath is like someone that is deaf, in that he can neither "hear" nor understand this language.

  • If one wants to know of other's true religion, study what they practice and ignore what they profess.


Comments - Our Religious Beliefs
Page 9 of  67

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