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  • Expecting to get ahead in life without training or education is like trying to climb a ladder with no rungs.

  • Most brains seem to reject foreign ideas as if they were organ transplants.

  • Those that abstain from acts only because the word “sin” is attached to them may be free of sin but not free of fear and ignorance.

  • Since we can never know what we can do, we shouldn’t make any assumptions about our abilities, but just proceed as if there are no limits.

  • Being critical of oneself gives us no license to be critical of others.

  • The word “honor” is passing into historic obscurity, as few individuals seek it except as a façade; this is because honor requires that one always act according to one’s conscience even when in opposition to all public pressures. Such behavior is rare and getting rarer.

  • When the mind starts a wandering, just follow it and see where it leads.

  • To shun an offer of help from another is to deny that person the opportunity to feel more valuable than they would have been so otherwise.

  • Individuals never cling so tightly to anything as when they feel in peril of falling.

  • Living is and has always been a risky adventure; because it is risky, we shouldn’t be surprised by its occasional pains. Today, there seems to be an increasing assumption that those failures in life that resulted in pain must be the fault of others and that others should pay us for the pain that we could have prevented by a moderate application of thought.

  • Worrying about the future is like paying the toll on a toll road that you may never travel.

  • When we knowingly remain mute in the presence of a falsehood, the other might only be mistaken, but we lie by default.

  • The world would be vastly improved if instead of trying to get the best of others that we’d try to get the best out of ourselves.

  • To evolve or not to evolve isn’t the question; it’s the requirement if we are to have a future.

  • Most of our problems are much encouraged by paying attention to them.

  • Who do we trust if not ourselves, yet we tend to bow to the morals established by others rather than those that grow within each of us.

  • Most of us would be happier if we viewed ourselves as a work in progress rather than a work completed; if the former, we consciously add and subtract from what we were; if the latter life adds and subtracts from what we were. Our choices tend to be ordered; life’s choices tend to be random and unpredictable.

  • Most men are as old as whom they’re feeling.

  • Bringing forth unhappy memories that are buried in the deep recesses of our minds are like exhuming the same body repeatedly and performing the same autopsy over and over.

  • It is strange that so many more of us have the courage to risk our lives while so few are courageous enough to risk the judgments of others by being as different as we really are.

  • Planting a new idea in some minds is like planting an orchid in a briar patch.

  • There is no greater social poison than ingratitude.


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Page 81 of  139

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