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  • All of life is a struggle; even those that are bored stiff struggle to be “unbored”.

  • Most things in life are neither right nor wrong but merely extraneous.

  • We like to imagine that we are led by rational thought, but that is rarely the case as most of us are led by our hearts, and in many cases even our rational thoughts are also.

  • That absence makes the heart grow fonder is true, but often presence makes the heart to flounder.

  • Those that have successfully resisted temptation never forget where they found it.

  • Boasting of past accomplishments increases public esteem less than silence.

  • We all live life extemporaneously even when we’re certain that we aren’t.

  • As we age, it seems that even our most familiar ruts have developed obstacles.

  • One of Death’s calling cards is the end of our curiosity.

  • Mankind should learn to imitate the glacier that can carve mountains even in its imperceptible movement, and never stops doing so until it succumbs to external heat.

  • Many if not the majority of lives would seem like unbelievable fiction if only the most important events of those lives were made into a story.

  • Few trains are as easily derailed as one’s train of thought, because often it only requires a unexpected word or two from another.

  • Anyone that claims that one doesn’t have to do anything in order to grow old has a few surprises ahead (if lucky).

  • Few things cause others to think so highly of us as when we speak highly of those that are absent.

  • We tend to be liberal on matters where others must yield and conservative when it comes to matters where we must yield.

  • Not only are there two sides to every question, there are at least two sides to every questioner.

  • There are sufficient records of the mistakes made by others, enough so that we could spend our entire lives without making any mistakes if only we had known of them all.

  • It is fortunate for the world that our powers to act are far less than the strength of our angers.

  • Pride is foolish, and excessive pride is excessively foolish, especially when it comes to matters that we had little to do with and everything to do with what we inherited, be it wealth or a pleasing face.

  • History has demonstrated that often the vanquished gain more in their losing than the victors in their winning.

  • Global positioning satellites have enabled us to find out where we are anywhere on the surface of the Earth. Now, if only something could be invented that would tell us where we are within ourselves.

  • He that has won an argument has learned nothing. He that has lost an argument has learned something.

  • When you start believing something new, you start becoming something new. When you are something new you start believing something newer yet.

  • Evidence received without any consideration of human nature is like seeing a tiger and not knowing if it is stuffed or alive.

  • If there is a fine line between madness and genius, we shouldn’t necessarily believe that the line doesn’t move.

  • Though there may be cases where the end justifies the means, it is almost always true that the means justifies the end,

  • The allure of possessions is very much like the allure of a bouquet of flowers, beautiful before acquiring and immediately thereafter, but something that is soon to wilt and be forgotten.

  • Physical strength can be attained by lifting weights and then putting them down. Strength of character can be developed by “lifting” temptations and then putting them down.

  • If you drink from a spring, it is wise to know its source.

  • When young, we should treasure the helpful words that are given to us even if we are unable to understand how they will.

  • Virtue is easier practiced in the penthouse than on the street.


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