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  • Self-made people are like self-made statues, possible in fantasy but not in real life.

  • The death of every person creates a hole in mankind’s being, but no matter how important that person is, the hole is just like a hole that we make in water when something is taken from it.

  • It is very likely that half of what we hold to be true will eventually be proven false; now if only there were only some way of knowing which half.

  • Nothing will turn the brain into mush quicker or more predictably than several opinions that one agrees with totally.

  • The most valuable thing that each of us possesses is the undiscovered and undeveloped inner-self within us that will probably exit life largely undetected.

  • Instead of hoping for the best and preparing for the worst, some get it only half right; they hope for the best and prepare for the best.

  • When someone says that they’re never surprised at anything, they mean that they’re never surprised at anything until they are surprised at something.

  • Vegetarians, when eating out with a carnivorous companion, should be glad that cholesterol is a chronic poison instead of being acute.

  • The past is but memory; the present is perhaps knowable; the future is only hypothetical.

  • They say that love conquers all, but they never say all of what.

  • To say that wars will end when men refuse to fight is meaningless prattle without any possible utility to mankind; this is like saying that floods will end when rains refuse to fall. Both are true, but so what?

  • When confronted with a choice of doing something, where there is the possibility of great success or great harm, or not acting with the certainty of modest harm, it is wise to defer until the possibility becomes a probability of success.

  • Truth is impartial as to its origins, as truth can come just as readily from those of a different culture, a different race, or a different time.

  • It is easy to go through life not seeing the things that are all about us while seeing so many things that aren’t and never were.

  • Instead of spending time wondering if a glass is half full or half empty, it might be wiser to wonder if it’s pure enough to drink.

  • There are many that profess to want change, but on close inspection we find that their pockets are full of holes.

  • It is said that we never know what we can do until we try, but this is false. All we can know by trying is what we have done, not what we can do.

  • Those that denigrate advertising as a needless expense that should have gone to the consumer fail to realize that without advertising there would be hundreds of different auto manufacturers producing much higher priced cars. Advertising concentrates production into efficient methods of manufacturing. The same is true for virtually every industry. Advertising reduces the consumer’s costs.

  • Fashions and styles in clothing are widely recognized; what isn’t widely recognized is that cultures also have fashions in beliefs that one should have or else be looked down upon.

  • The word “enough” is often used in ways that permits absurdities to appear as probabilities; such as saying “He could become a movie star if he only wanted to enough.” One could just as truthfully have said- that “He could jump over the Grand Canyon if only he’d jump far enough.”

  • Ignorance is painful; unfortunately the time between the contentedness with ignorance and the pain is too long for the ignorant to make the connection.

  • Those that believe that we have alien visitors from distant galaxies reveal how little that they understand very large numbers and the problems that those numbers create.

  • In our youth, we all exist in a landfill where truth and falsehoods have been dumped, with far more of the latter than the former; the task of youth is try and identify that which is true and exit the landfill with the fewest number of falsehoods as possible.


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