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  • It is easy to overlook the mistakes of others unless they start defending their mistakes as rational choices. These mistakes are seldom forgotten as they indicate the presence of irrationality and not just a mistake.

  • When we take the life of another, where do we put it?

  • Some donít believe that an untruth is a lie unless they are found out

  • Some people seem to avoid reality as if it were the third rail which if touched might be fatal.

  • Why donít those that complain that thereís nothing new under the sun, just concern themselves with what was old and still undiscovered under the moon.

  • The ones that are most able to foresee the future are the ones that have mastered the present in order to create their futures.

  • If you donít want reality to jump up and bite your ass, donít turn away from it.

  • Even a clock that runs backwards is more often correct than one that just runs too slowly.

  • Those that see no light at the end of the tunnel should focus on becoming the light for those at the other end.

  • Unless weíve know another very well, we have little reason to either trust or doubt that person, for the person that we believe we know is likely just an image that another projects forth before us.

  • We donít suffer from our lack of strength as much as we do from our unwillingness to use the strength that we already have.

  • To keep our pasts and our shadows behind us, we need always to face towards the light.

  • If someone puts words in your mouth, itís best to not let them escape.

  • It is natural to think that the most durable of things is made of concrete, stone, or metal, but the most durable of all things are none of these; the most durable of things are words, especially those words that express the truth.

  • The only thing that we learn from those that agree with us is that they agree with us. What we learn from those that disagree with us, are that they disagree with us, and that there are other points of view that may be superior to our own.

  • We like to think of ourselves as strong and self-sufficient, but such thoughts are doomed to frustration, as each of us are like vines, vines that may grow towards one another and be mutually supportive in our efforts to rise higher than if we were alone; some of us grow towards ideas and ideals that arenít necessarily shared by those close at hand, but those of another time and place, that then provide the necessary latticework for our own upward growth.

  • Humility would be much more popular if we could just find a way to flaunt it.


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