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  • Forethought is just one word that says that we should cross bridges before we come to them.

  • Those that believe that they are being held back by events in the past, will be. Those that feel that they are being propelled forward by the possibilities of tomorrow, will be.

  • Those whose beliefs are fixed and never change are the true “walking dead”.

  • Nothing should be as inspiring for the future as having one’s child do something after being told that it couldn’t be done.

  • Though we may struggle to show that what is unknowable is known, we should never believe that it actually is known.

  • Highest in the echelon of our beliefs, are those beliefs, no matter how minor, that we believe that we have discovered on our own.

  • Beware of those that want you to lend them your ears, because what they are really after is what is between them.

  • It is very probable that when it comes to certain things, 100% of us are mistaken, such as our significance in time and space.

  • It will forever be a mystery why those that claim to believe in predestination choose to do anything.

  • Of course a person always knows what he is doing; the problem is that he doesn’t usually know all that he is doing and seldom knows all of the results of what he is doing.

  • It is easy to make our large problems disappear; all we need do is keep in mind how insignificant our entire existence is.

  • Most of us believe that we know what’s best for ourselves, but this is another of our many delusions; all we can know is what we want; to know what is best for us is beyond the limits of human understanding, and always will be.

  • Most often when one believes that they’ve fooled another, they’ve only succeeded in fooling themselves.

  • There are those that despise their neighbors yet proclaim their love of humanity, but perhaps they still love humanity only because they haven’t seen it yet.

  • Once we become adults, the shortest path to truth is through unlearning.

  • The two most unfathomable things in our existence is the extent of our ignorance and the insignificance of our being.

  • When individuals turn their backs on reality, reality refuses to reciprocate.

  • To exert the maximum control over one’s life, one should assume total responsibility for everything that happens to oneself, even when one’s influence is minimal.

  • One of the reasons that so many marriages fail is because couples look at sexual compatibility as a sufficient cause to marry when it is only at most a necessary cause.

  • You should never permit another, or even a culture, to provide you with the yardstick that you use to measure your worth; it is up to you to hew your own.

  • It is easy to understand the world about us when we think only in the simplistic terms of right and wrong; it is difficult to delve into the underlying causes of what we judge, and this is the primary reason that we will remain so separated and fearful of one another.

  • Many live their lives as though their highest beliefs were mere cargo to be borne through life instead of something to be lived daily.

  • We should never think of ourselves an entity but rather as a work in progress, where one is constantly building oneself to fit an ideal that one has established and that one changes as the prior work is completed; in this way, one is always in transition towards ever changing ideals.


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Page 82 of  131

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