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  • We seem so obsessed with comfort that it might eventually become difficult to tell the difference between living and when the soft blanket of time is pulled over our heads.

  • Our increasing tendency to not be responsible for what we do and to blame others is like claiming that the teacher failed by not asking the right questions on our tests.

  • Through much of life we are really just chasing shadows without our ever realizing that it was the source of light and something of substance that did all of the casting.

  • When something turns our differently than you planned, find something different for it to do than you had planned.

  • We would be far more willing to ask for things were it not for the uneasy feeling that any refusal by the other party might indicate our own worthlessness.

  • The journey of a thousand miles doesnít start with the first step; it starts with the decision to take that first step towards oneís goal.

  • Most of mankindís progress is made by those that fear the possible progress of their enemies.

  • Nothing is more futile than giving child-rearing advice to your grandchildrenís parents.

  • It is poor advice to do all of the things that you are afraid of doing, as this would shortly result in death or maiming; one should however look with suspicion on any fear that doesnít have predictable physical harm as a consequence, as being probably worth ignoring.

  • Happiness is impossible while dwelling on a real or imaginary wrong done against us by others. There can be no better reason to let such things pass in to the long forgotten past.

  • It helps to occasionally try and imagine what we would think were we told that we only one month to live; this process reveals the things in life that really matter to us, and the many senseless things that matter not at all.

  • There is a tendency to think that a person is wise because reason is used, yet there are far more ways to reason incorrectly than there are to reason correctly.

  • Most will never be free unless authorities, of every kind, undergo metamorphous and are recognized as being only assumers.

  • The enlightened person doesnít encounter failures, only more steppingstones than were anticipated.

  • Getting ahead in life isnít too difficult for those that use their own.

  • The best way to give unasked advice to others is through stealth, like the tooth-fairy exchanging a tooth for a coin. The others then think that the idea behind the advice was their own.

  • When our minds wander, we should have them check back with us on occasion lest they fail to return and we become one of the many that have lost our minds.

  • We often criticize those that make policies by saying that they just donít understand; something that each of us should remember is when it comes to the future (which is what policies always deal with) that no one understands. The fact that we, individually, might have chosen a different policy is no assurance of either greater success or more calamitous failure.

  • Those that are prone to blowup and give others a piece of their mind, should make sure that the piece is one that isnít used, such as the part that makes wise decisions.


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