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  • The person that never says “I don’t know.” shouldn’t be believed on any matter.

  • The drive to conform is but an epidemic within the mind.

  • There are probably none as brave as those that daily live their lives openly without responding to the fear of ostracism or the desire for acceptance.

  • The mind seldom ventures to where the heart hasn’t.

  • There are many that disparage human nature and many that praise it. What neither is doing is recognizing that there are two forms of human nature, one is revealed by fear and deprivation, and the other is revealed by security and love. It is for us to encourage the latter and to discourage the former if we are to progress.

  • It is a curious trait that we often become emotionally involved by the death of one person, especially if murdered, but bored by reading of the death of thousands, even when intentionally caused by others. It is though we can identify with the individual but can’t with the number that represented the many.

  • The flame of enlightenment that burns within us flickers and threatens to be extinguished each time that we deny to others what we believe, and when we accept the beliefs of others even though they appear to be false.

  • One of the great pities of being human is that so many feel shame about what they are and will forever remain steeled against others ever knowing of what they are.

  • Some find pride so intoxicating that they become “prideoholics”

  • We spend our entire lives on a turbulent sea yet dread the docking.

  • When we lose a loved one, there is no greater remorse than for the loving words left unsaid, and for the loving deeds left undone.

  • Compromise might be the main attribute of a social individual, but never that of a moral person.

  • In any competition, whether in war, sports, or love, few weapons are as effective as instilling ambivalence in your competitor.

  • When we don’t like what another does, if we start trying to understand why the act was committed, rather than casting blame or accusations, forgiving will no longer be needed and our peace of mind will not be disturbed.

  • We often say that we want to become more mature, but isn’t the mature apple the first one to drop from the tree?

  • Most individuals believe that they know themselves, but this belief is founded on the theory that they are little more than what society has poured into them. What we are is anything but self-evident and is known to only a very few.

  • It is the fortunate individual that can wish that the good fortune of others exceeds one’s own, and can do that without envy.

  • One strange thing about being human is that we have to learn so much in order to know how little we know.

  • There may be times when there is safety in numbers, but in general numbers increase, not reduce our peril, with the very least peril being when one is alone.

  • Based on probabilities alone, we would be closer to the truth if we abandoned all of our beliefs.

  • It would be best if each of us could have all of our wishes fulfilled so that we can finally get down to the business of being happy.

  • There are times when it seems that freedom of speech would be improved if it were only a little less free.

  • Humans are the only animals that could think that egalitarianism is either possible or desirable.

  • When our thoughts become too absurd or dumb to be spoken, they can still be salvaged for poems and songs.

  • We would more readily laugh at the folly of life were it not for our fear of its retaliation.

  • Harsh words are the shrapnel of an explosive temper.

  • We never know ourselves to be correct only because others agree, or to be incorrect only because others disagree.

  • Very often those that say that they can’t complain, do so because they’ve run out of complaints.

  • Life is abundant and we can have as much of it as we have the courage to dare; it is death that is scarce, so scarce in fact that we are limited to only per customer.


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