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  • We make accurate observations and then we make faulty conclusions about them; next we treat the conclusions as though they were the observations and all of the truth is lost.

  • Many talk of reality as though there were such a thing as relative realities, such as when some reality would exist in some minds while conflicting with the reality existing in the minds of others. Reality is whatever is and no believing or disbelieving can alter it, but often one’s actions can.

  • With many, reality is only hibernating, just waiting to be thawed by life’s disillusionments.

  • Gardening creates the temporary delusion of control in a world that is out of control.

  • Words are the flesh of our feelings and the skeletons of our thoughts, and like the skeletons of our bodies, will out last the flesh, and in some cases, our words will last beyond our body’s skeletons as well.

  • In evolution, we moved forward slowly with a very real danger of reverting into mankind’s earlier social forms; because of this, custom and tradition tended to prevent our going backwards. In today’s rapidly changing period of cultural mixing, custom and tradition tend to more obstruct our progress towards reduced social conflict than to prevent our reversion to earlier social forms.

  • Trusting the words of the ancients, merely because they’re ancient, is like preferring to cross bridges, merely because they’re ancient; this works most of the time, but occasionally it’s a calamity.

  • It is a self-deceiving trait of humans, that no matter how much a shambles they have made their lives, they will still consider themselves wise.

  • Your competitor is most vulnerable when he starts thinking of how he will beat the next person after you.

  • Most often, both sides of a story are equally false, so we choose to believe the one that seems most likely.

  • Usually those that intend to save the world, intend to save it for themselves.

  • Contrary to popular opinion, no one has ever seen an evil act, or a virtuous one either for that matter, even though we have all seen many acts that our minds have called evil or virtuous. The evil and the virtue are in our minds, not in the acts.

  • When someone has achieved fame, it is easy to regard what they say as a fact even though their opinions may be no more factual than the opinions of anyone else’s.

  • All that is in the real world is only understood in varying degrees of vagueness.

  • One is wise to seek wisdom, but it is not wise to believe that it is possessed.

  • It seems that many seek sanctuary in ignorance because they’ve heard that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

  • To regard anything as hopeless is to hoist a white flag without knowing if the battle is lost.

  • The mere fact that we think that we think something, doesn’t make it a thought.

  • The dilemma that we most often face is not a choice between good and evil, but a choice between two things, that we believe to be good, but only one of which can be chosen.

  • Time is supposed to be the great healer, which it often is, but there are some wounds of long ago that fester and pain more now than they did at their start.

  • Those who dismay because others disagree with them should reflect back on the many beliefs that we have today that conflict with those of only a few years ago.

  • Without ever having launched any, there are those that wait for their ships to come in.

  • When someone is “Out of their head” it probably is for a very good reason, and should raise the question as to whether the person should ever go back in.

  • Faith is perfect for arresting the mind and immunizing it against the disease of learning.

  • The most surprising thing about gossip and rumors is that they are sometimes true.


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