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  • Never concern yourself about the judgments of others, because in the long run their judgments will be unimportant compared to the judgments you will make of yourself.

  • How can anyone drive us crazy unless we yield to them the steering wheel?

  • Creativity probably exists in abundance within each of us, but like an aquifer, it must be tapped in order to irrigate for the needs of all.

  • Collect the criticisms that others give to you as though they were part of a personal check-list.

  • After failing at something, those that know you will understand that you did your best and need no explanation; those that donít know you will probably not believe any explanation that you provide anyway.

  • To what extent we can genuinely understand ourselves in the present; to that extent we can understand others in the past and in the future.

  • Those that persist in imitating others are in danger of forgetting who they are and how to find their ways back to where they left themselves.

  • Three words that are almost never heard in the following sequence are: ďI was wrong.Ē Unless we think of ourselves being correct much more than others, at least 50% of the time this statement is true and should be said.

  • The reasons that one can think of to not do something are almost without limit while the reasons to do something may be as small as one. This makes it easy to not do and helps explain why so many donít when they could.

  • We need to be careful to whom we tell to abide by their consciences, as apparently with some this would permit anything.

  • We all believe that we know ourselves, but if most of us just stop and think for a minute, weíll discover that most of what we know, that we call ourselves, is little more than our fears and desires; this is like knowing the content of a gift by its wrappings.

  • One thing that wonít give us indigestion when swallowed is pride; plus doing so is nutritious to the growth our inner beings instead of causing others to shrink.

  • We are fortunate that laws, directed against the harming of others, doesnít include prosecution against us for the harm that we self inflict.

  • We are occasionally presented with an answer to a question that is unasked; when this happens, that answer, instead of being ignored, should be recognized and become the mother and father of several new questions.

  • Whenever we make a choice, we risk making a mistake, but there is also a chance of making an even greater mistake by being indecisive and doing nothing; very often it is better to act quickly and be in error then to not act at all.

  • We can see further standing on our feet than on our knees.

  • Many problems are like a grain of sand; impossible to ignore if getting into the eye, but nearly impossible to notice if the eyes are kept closed in their presence.

  • There are many that lament that love at sixty isnít the same as love at sixteen, but the wise at sixty look forward to love at ninety.

  • The greatest impediment to doing something is usually the belief that one canít.

  • The source of all perfection is not discovered in how well something is done, but in how we define perfection.

  • One thing that sets mankind apart from all other living things is our tendencies to blame others for failures and to claim credit for successes.

  • We can loot others not only of their physical treasures but of their self-esteem as well.

  • Each of us are born as a know-nothing, then learns for a few years until becoming a knows-it-all, then lives much longer and becomes a knows-it-less and less each year until we become a know-nothing again.

  • When oneís world is little larger than oneís neighborhood, one gains little perspective as to the smallness of the Earth. Those that stare into the Universe are aware of the insignificant smallness of the Earth. The same is true with our sphere of knowledge. The narrower that sphere of knowledge, the grater oneís delusion of knowing much; the greater that sphere of knowledge, the greater the awareness of how little we know.


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