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  • All we gain by blaming our current emotional state on an unhappy past is finding someone to blame; this is personally destructive as this is most often done instead of focusing on making our future more enriching to ourselves and to those that we love.

  • If we would only consider that there are many trillions of variables that had to occur, since the first humans, for each of our ancestors to have been who they were, that the existence of every human would seem so improbable as to be worthy of being called a miracle.

  • When we find that something is not as simple as we thought, it’s probably because we are simpler than we think.

  • It is best to never offer an excuse for failing, no matter how well founded, as every excuse is a confession of our weakness, and every withholding of an excuse is evidence of our accepting total responsibility, a sign of our strength.

  • A eagle doesn’t search in flocks but singly, because the prize, seen by only one, is sufficient only to the one and not to a flock.

  • When we attribute a failure to luck, fate, or destiny, we learn little from such capricious entities, but when we attribute our failure to our deficiencies, we make the first step towards succeeding.

  • The person that says “I don’t know.” will attract no followers while the person that claims to know will attract throngs even if what is known is completely false.

  • Few that lust for power over others demonstrate the ability to exercise power even over themselves.

  • Unfortunately, some photographic minds have film that never gets developed.

  • Certainty acts like a powerful motor that propels us towards a particular end, but most often that end isn’t what was envisioned. Doubt acts like a weak motor, propelling us towards an end, but slowly enough that we can see that the end wasn’t what was envisioned, and is seen soon enough so that we can pursue that which is now visible and is what was envisioned.

  • Overreaching is something that is frowned on by many, but until one has overreached, one will never know how far that they can reach.

  • It is said that “We live and learn.” which is undoubtedly true; however to live to the fullest, we need to live and learn to learn to live.

  • It seems consistently true of unhappy people, that they think of the world around them actually revolving around them, and having only a vague awareness of the needs of others and having little inclination to fulfill their needs.

  • Fame is like a kind of helium that seeps into the heads of many well know people to inflate their heads and then lift them into another world of their own imaginings.

  • Most often in life we find that the harder we push another, the harder it becomes move the other.

  • When we were young, our youth was filled with fiery certainties, which have now become just smoldering doubts waiting only to be extinguished by irrelevance.

  • Reason can act like a surgeon’s scalpel to excise nonsense from our brains, but only for those brave enough to do their own brain-surgery; the same surgery performed by others almost always fails.

  • Few things cause us to place a higher value on something than to realize that others are seeking it too. Few things cause us to place a lower value on something than to realize that someone else already has it.

  • Man is the kind of animal that invents more with his mouth than he does with his hands.

  • Few things lift us as much as when we stoop to lift others.

  • On entering, those that intend to always speak the truth shouldn’t take off their coats.

  • Heat applied to a metal will melt it; heat applied to an argument hardens the other’s opinion.


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Page 84 of  161

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