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  • We like, we love, and we hate far fewer things than we believe; most of the time, it’s the idea about these things that have captured our emotions, not the thing itself.

  • It really is natural that we are all imprisoned, some of us by dogmas, some by lack of imagination, some by lack of opportunity, some by our physical limitations, some by our beliefs that we are incapable of betterment, and some by the limitations of the Universe. We are all imprisoned; the question is whether the prison is within ourselves or the Universe.

  • We are molded and we are molders, as all those that we engage with mold us as we mold them, even if in very fine increments.

  • It is often true that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but something that is even more dangerous is in having a large amount of knowledge on a subject and then proceeding as though one has all of the knowledge on that subject.

  • Each day of a life is like a fork in the road, one leading to more of what we are, and the other leading to becoming more than we were yesterday.

  • To find fault with another’s food habits is scarcely different emotionally than finding fault with another’s religion or politics.

  • Some believe that we are reincarnated into other life forms, but, it seems clear that many sheep may have been reincarnated into people.

  • Life is a long journey in which we see neither map, nor compass, and most often, not even any light; if we are to grope forward at all, it will be by finding a map and compass that is within each of us.

  • Life is like an ice-cream cone; it must be consumed in its time or wasted on the ground.

  • When we believe in one thing but do differently, we act like a train hurtling down its track and then find one rail going to the right and the other going to the left.

  • Each time we kill time a part of our lives bleed.

  • Though roads may go places they still remain where they were before, the same that we can when we try to understand and empathize with others.

  • We may, in all ways, try to prevent death yet we still die always.

  • In our strivings for career successes, it is easy to achieve failures of character.

  • One can take another for granted with impunity if one chooses to act in ways that might otherwise imperil a relationship; one can also take another for granted because of the awareness that no act will be done to imperil that relationship, a condition that fosters security for both.

  • The advice-“Grab the bull by the horns.” Is excellent advice to give to your enemies.

  • Being candid is more acceptable the more it is like candy.

  • Developing good habits is a kind of animal training that we practice on ourselves.

  • If there is any value in truth it is that it enriches the human spirit in general, but it is also a weapon that can be used to deplete the human spirit in the singular.

  • In any agreement to be signed, the finer the print is, the larger the significance.

  • When your cup is brimful, sip it a bit before sharing it with others.

  • To reason with another’s emotions is like trying to reason with a houseplant.

  • We live and learn, and if not the latter, then not the former.

  • Through much of life we erroneously conclude beliefs as to what others think of us. We do this syllogistically by thinking:” If others think ill of me, they will act in a certain way. They act a certain way. Therefore think ill of me.” Obviously the initial premise is absurd. Only the most egocentric person would believe that another’s responses would be duplicates of their own.

  • Eat, drink, and be merry is strange advice since the first two are prerequisites for remaining alive and the last is dependant upon circumstances that one is in and can’t be commanded into existence.


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