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  • If your thoughts take you to places that others can’t recognize, lay claim to it as your own.

  • When time flies, be sure to be onboard.

  • If mankind is going to survive for hundreds of thousands of years, mankind must change with the changing problems that are inevitable. We have brains that can make this possible if we choose to use them; the dinosaur dominated the Earth for over a hundred million years then vanished as we might also if we just move forward by primarily using our emotions instead of our reason.

  • If those that are prone to whining and bellyaching would spend as much time being productive, they’d probably find little to whine and bellyache about.

  • Happiness has a tendency to pursue us once we tire of pursuing it.

  • It is wise to plan for the future but not wise to worry about it, as it is certain that the future won’t worry about us.

  • In the absence of thinking, many compensate by talking.

  • When something is paid for by someone else, the individual is likely to take, and to take more, than if the individual had to pay for it. This single factor is a chief cause of waste in any culture that endorses such practices.

  • No matter how long we may live, we should always think of ourselves as being novices in life, still discovering until our last breath.

  • The road to success often looks like a detour.

  • If one were put within an extremely complex maze, one would undoubtedly encounter many dead ends. Recognizing that mazes were made just for that purpose, we would spend little time lamenting that we hadn’t succeeded as quickly as intended. Without a doubt, life is an extremely complex maze, and one wherein many failures are assured; the only way to weave ones self through life’s maze is to keep trying after each setback until arriving where intended.

  • The only thing that a well trod path indicates is that it probably isn’t fatal; that it leads to where we would optimally benefit, or that we would benefit at all, is an entirely different matter.

  • Creativity is often just coming up with entirely new solutions to solve unusual problems that are reveald by those solutions.

  • There is little doubt but whatever we regard intelligence as being, that it is something that we are born with, but like a gold mine, it must be developed and exploited before it makes any difference.

  • When one starts fearing whether or not there will be a bowel movement, constipation will follow; likewise when one starts fearing whether there will be a creative thought, there will be none. Fear is the great inhibitor of life, pervading the most basic to the most profound parts of our existence.

  • One of the reasons that the average individual doesn’t think critically is because their minds have been filled with simplicities; an adult would still crave baby food if that were all that they ever ate.

  • Perhaps more of life’s problems could be solved if we only examined more closely those things that we call “silly questions”.

  • Instead of grinning and bearing it, try growling and throwing it off.

  • Absolutely no one is capable of knowing your limits, not even you; limits are for encountering, not for theoretically limiting.

  • Dispersed pursuits produce little or nothing, while concentrated pursuits produce changes; the difference is like the difference between a soft breeze and a strong wind that can either fill sails or down trees.

  • To be comfortable with failures is a near certain way to have more of them.

  • We lie to no one more than we lie to ourselves; we do this so habitually that we often are completely unaware when this is happening. We need to ask-What is there about me that I don’t want to be aware of? And, why don’t I want to be aware of this? Once we answer these questions, we take the first steps towards really knowing ourselves.

  • It is unlikely that anyone will ever lament a kindness done for another, but any thoughtful reflection will bring forth regrets for kindnesses that were left undone, and which can never be given today or in our tomorrows.

  • The surest way to reduce the unexpected is to reduce expectations.

  • The most profound thing that I’ve ever heard, and that has implications throughout life yet can affect life dramatically, is the very simple statement- “You can learn to like anything.”


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