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  • Even though the cost of living keeps going up, itís still a bargain.

  • Unless one views humans as a product of something other than of nature, how is it possible that whatever we do is unnatural? Perhaps the most unnatural thing that we do is to regard what we do as being unnatural. ďUnnaturalĒ doesnít refer to nature but to the judgments of humans as to what those humans want others to not do.

  • In seeking the ultimate in life, we might pause to wonder if the seeking, isnít in itself, the ultimate.

  • Even though today may be the first day of the rest of your life, it also may be the last; there is no reason not to treasure it as if it were.

  • Blinders are placed beside a horseís eyes to keep the horse focused on what the rider or driver wants; in much the same way, all cultures place certainties within its citizensí minds to make sure that they focus on what that culture wants its citizens to believe.

  • We like to believe that we understand the world about us, but we understand nothing, not even the simplest of things; for instance, no one can fully explain how we move a finger to just point at the world that we pretend to understand.

  • One should always ask oneself if something that is desired is needed for oneís happiness; if it isnít, then one should wonder why it is sought. The greatest single source of human unhappiness in America lies in excessive desires of things that pose no possibility of happiness and perhaps their acquisition might produce the bondage of indebtedness.

  • What we read between the lines has been written by us.

  • Destiny and fate are not rivers that sweep us along to their ends; rather what are called destiny and fate are figments of our imaginings that account for what happens that we didnít intend to cause. Both are unrelated to reality even by marriage.

  • It would be interesting to know if anything would be left within were we stripped of our delusions.

  • Virtually all that we know to be true and unquestioned are things that we have developed in our minds and are little more than words about other words. They can all be proven by the definitions of the words that describe them.

  • Much of what we now hold to be true came into being in very much the same way that someone came to be mayor--by popular vote.

  • We think of coded messages as an effort used to communicate in secret, however most of our thoughts of the world have been coded into our minds and are not nearly as objective as we like to think; except for the most basic observations, what we perceive is filtered through a coding machine that is different for every individual; because of this we encounter a range of opinions, that are expressed as observations, that differ enough that one would wonder if all saw the same thing.

  • That there are no two snowflakes that are identical is a leap of faith into the land of un-testable hypotheses since it is impossible to make such comparisons. Perhaps such musings were only created to instill in children a sense of their own individuality.

  • It is easy to see why so many are certain of so many things that they no longer doubt what are only their opinions; it is much easier to be certain of something when knowing little about it, but it is very difficult to be certain of something by having to learn most of what is known about it.

  • That which is censored today is doomed to popularity in the future.

  • The only thing that is completely made from scratch is a temporarily reduced amount of itching.

  • Fame is temporary immortality in the minds of the famous.


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