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  • “To be or not to be” may be the question, but for most Americans to not be seems to be their answer as they flock to imitate others that are in turn composite imitations of still others.

  • Mankind has no greater enemy than fear; yet we tend to increase that enemy in others in so many ways, and we preserve it even in ourselves by protecting our fears from being destroyed. We do this by not discovering that almost all fears have no harmful consequences if just ignored.

  • To make lies more palatable just add a frosting of truth.

  • The number of mistakes you make is directly related to how many of your in-laws are present.

  • One thing about absolute nonsense is that if it is said often enough by enough people, the “non” disappears.

  • Instead of fighting the current or going with the flow, one should remain like a stone in a stream that isn’t moved by external pressures but moved only by what is found within.

  • The primary reasons that talk is cheap are because there is too much supply and too little demand.

  • A single source of light will bring light into the darkness, but no amount of darkness will bring darkness where there is still light.

  • Perhaps there is no fool like an old fool, but that doesn’t keep younger fools from trying.

  • There are many that believe in life after death and many that don’t believe in life before death; for the latter, whether there is or isn’t life after death would seem to matter little.

  • Sometimes when we put our problems behind us, we put them where they can cause the most damage.

  • Tact is like an iceberg; the most damaging parts are undetectable.

  • Think of how much better each of us would be if instead of being offended by criticism, we interpreted the criticism as pointing out where we could improve ourselves.

  • Those that truly want to make progress will usually do better all alone instead of trying to drag others along during the change.

  • Those that believe that the odds are always against them overlook the fact that we make the odds.

  • Smoking three packs a day, drinking three six packs a day, and eating lots of trans-fats, all combined almost guarantees that you won’t get Alzheimer’s disease.

  • When you go into the chicken coup with only one basket, your choices are: to leave the eggs under the hen, or to put all of your eggs in one basket. Sometimes investing is the same way.

  • If there is a sucker born every minute, there are probably a thousand suckers displaying their wares every minute; after all, suckers don’t just commit one foolish act per lifetime.

  • Some lead their lives as though they’re in a race to see who can get to the finish line first.

  • That we were all created equal is a fantasy; that we all could become equal is a dream; that we could ever treat all others equally a hope; that we could all treat one another as equals should be our goal.

  • One is not always harmed by criticism nor always helped by praise.

  • It is obvious that to develop one’s muscles, one must constantly put them under stress to do more; the mind is no different; one shouldn’t expect the mind to develop by repetitive thoughts but by grasping at new thoughts that tax one’s understandings.

  • As rapidly as the world is changing, it may become more important to be able to unlearn than to learn.

  • Never mistake the noisy few as being a noisy many.

  • One should never accept blindly the opinions of any authority on any subject; rather such opinions should be held only as assumptions to be accepted or rejected later by one’s own experiences.

  • Dreams are sold cheaply; realizations are sold expensively.

  • If one tries often to do those things that others say you cannot do, eventually one of these things will be done while you never will be.

  • When many stumble over the truth, they don’t just pick themselves up and go on; they usually pick themselves up and curse what they fell over.


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