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  • We will never find anyone that we can so readily deceive as ourselves. This is because we’ve had such extensive practice perfecting this art, plus the source of the deception is never suspected of deceiving.

  • The inability to compromise is a source of much human misery, when humans requires perfection in whatever they do, and even greater misery when they require the same of others.

  • It’s difficult to believe that the statement “Leaders are born, not made.” could be believed by anyone. This is like saying that Michael Jordan would have been the same great NBA player that he was whether he ever practiced or not.

  • I wonder if we would give so much advice if we were certain that others would act on it.

  • It is wise to profit from one’s mistakes; it is wiser to profit from the mistakes of others; it is wisest to profit from the mistakes that are prevented by thorough planning.

  • It is said that “The truth shall set ye free.”, but for many, that price is far too dear.

  • The primary difference between the weak and the strong is that the weak are forced to choose between alternatives while the strong make the alternatives from which they choose.

  • We all live in a goldfish bowl, however sometimes the goldfish bowl is in a dark room.

  • The creative impulse once loosed from its cage will never return.

  • The sources of many of our problems are right below our noses, they are called “mouths”.

  • As the grain must be planted before the bread is eaten, so must the mind be planted with knowledge before we can consume its bounty.

  • Hunches are worth considering but not worth depending on, as we generally have no idea whether they originated in subconscious reasoning or subconscious madness.

  • There is no way that we have a chance of happiness as long as we are blaming past events or current circumstances for what we are; happiness springs forth when we grasp what we are and carry what we are into the future without the slightest qualm.

  • Solitude is a punishment to some, a reward to others.

  • If anything can be proven impossible, you will probably find that the thing is a conceptual creation of mankind and not a part of external reality.

  • If we were to only be allowed one automobile each to take us where we wanted to go for the rest of our lives, we would take great care to preserve that vehicle for as long as possible, yet we each have only one body to transport us through life and many treat their bodies as though it would be no trouble to get new ones should the present ones fail.

  • The ocean never tires of breaking helplessly on the shore, yet that breaking eventually wears away mountains until the sea no longer has a shore to break upon.

  • If in losing in a game we should blame the opponent, then we have not only lost the game but lost the focus for improving for the next game; because it is we that lost the game, not the other side that won. So it is also with life, we will always lose when we blame others, or other circumstances.

  • Originality and uniqueness about our ideas aren’t the same thing; the first we can know, but the second we can never know for sure.

  • Each life is a book nestled between two giant bookends of eternity.

  • Our most lasting monument isn’t of stone, but of the consequences of our lives that continue after us.

  • In trying to bridge the chasm between one another, it will probably be more fruitful to bridge the gap with emotions, as it is likely that our emotions vary little from one another even though those things that cause the same emotion may vary greatly. That we can bridge the chasm with art and music is apparent. To bridge the gap with our intellect is much more difficult since almost every facet of intellect will vary vastly between individuals and even within the same individual at different times.

  • Humility creates a room within in us large enough to enclose the infinite.

  • If one aspires to excel at anything, it must be in something that one finds pleasure in; otherwise no amount of effort will ever escalate one’s skills above the average.

  • Perhaps because we learned to use our arms before we learned to use our tongues, helps to explain why we are more able to control our arms than our tongues.

  • We can discover much more about ourselves by trying to understand why we have negative feelings about things, than we can by trying to understand our positive feelings.

  • To many, the road to Failure is by way of Success, and for others, the road to Success is by way of Failure, as it all depends on what we do at those important junctions along the way.

  • The more emotionally secure we become, the smaller seem the faults of others. The less emotionally secure we become, the larger seem the faults of others.

  • To see into the soul of another, play close heed to what the person says about others.

  • Perhaps within each of us rests an angel just waiting to be freed from the crypt formed by our fears and desires.

  • Few things that make us angry are as destructive to us as the anger that lingers within us.

  • Life doesn’t just give us a menu, it provides a great buffet; even so, we can only choose from what is available unless we are willing to enter the kitchen and prepare our own.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 87 of  161

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