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  • When nobody believes, lies and truths hold hands.

  • In child rearing, we have learned that it is more productive to reward positive behavior and ignore negative behavior than to punish negative behavior and ignore positive behavior. Undoubtedly the same is true of adult rearing as well.

  • If there are things that deserve to be called ďevilĒ they are those things that tend to drive us apart instead of bringing us together. Virtually all institutions tend to perform the function of driving us apart, yet we tend to exalt them as fonts of virtue to be preserved forever.

  • There are those among us that we regard as knowledgeable, but even these are ignorant of most of what is known.

  • It is surprising how many people genuinely believe that there are signs in the present, or charms, or good-luck signals that portend future happenings; this is almost as though they believe that the future already exists and is desperately trying to communicate with them through ways that will be most benevolently called, mysterious.

  • Every success, as well as every failure, opens a door to greater understanding of the world about us as well as the world within us; it is best if we pass through both doors at least once.

  • It is impossible for anyone to understand the infinity of time and space; to overcome this inability, there are those that conveniently have determined that time began so many years ago along with space, and that both will cease to be at some undetermined time in the future, and for many, the sooner the better.

  • Few things are so predictable of success as a deep abiding belief that we are doing the right thing.

  • The main reason that most remain slaves is because those about us are also slaves and want us to remain with them; those that become free will be forever called weird.

  • Our cup of meaningless things can be overflowing and yet we still thirst for more.

  • One of the frequent problems encountered in trying to make an intelligent decision is in not being aware of how much information is required for doing so. There is no way of telling if we have 1%, 10%, or 100% of the information that is needed.

  • When we have unintentionally offended someone, the second best time to apologize is later.

  • One of mankindís grandest delusions is that of freewill. It isnít that freewill doesnít exist, because it clearly does, but only as a belief. The delusional part is in our believing that freewill is somehow innate and not learned. Once a person acquires this belief, as the result of an assumption, many choices become very different than they would have been in the absence of this belief, and it functions in thereafter in the exact same way as if freewill were innate.

  • History is more often written in blood than in ink.

  • Untruths are no more useful for crossing from the present into the future than are cobwebs for crossing chasms.

  • It is somewhat frightening how much just a handful of assumptions regulate how we interpret all of life and therefore affect virtually all dimensions of our lives. From such a small number of assumptions we become what we are. Though varying from individual to individual, some of these assumptions are: What I want is good for me. What I fear is bad for me. What those about me believe is the way the world is. What my religion says is without error and is true for all time. I need to be like others in order to become happy. Faith is more important than knowledge and understanding. There are undoubtedly many more, but of the ones just proposed, all are obviously false and helps explain why so many of mankindís problems persist century after century.


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