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  • It is incorrect to say that history repeats itself; what is true is that we repeat history and that we have the means of choosing whether to repeat it or not. History doesn’t happen to us; we happen to history.

  • When we kill time, it gets buried in our pasts.

  • If we look fear in the face, we may find that fear is only a mask, returning from the distant past, and that it is without substance.

  • Freeing our minds from the assumed certainties of the past is like releasing a balloon on a windy day. Both will alight, but no one can say where.

  • During the time that Hitler was in power, most Americans were scornful of Hitler’s absurd claim that Arians were the master race, however, many of those same Americans had, and have yet today, no difficulty in believing in the equally absurd notion than there is an inferior race. What is often ignored is that some sub-cultures are less able to adjust to changing times, and because of this those sub-cultures reflect ways that seem inferior to those that accept change. Americans need to be aware that the rapidity of change now occurring poses a risk for our culture also becoming inferior to those that welcome and promote change.

  • If one must choose between conformity and conscience, choose that which will accompany you into sleep.

  • The killing of another’s creative spirit may be the most subtle and unrecognized form of all evils.

  • One of the most important components of happiness is having many things to look forward to; doing this is much easier when one lives a simple life than when one lives lavishly, as most often to have things to look forward to will involve self-destructive things such as addictions in its many forms.

  • Those that are so afraid of the future that planning is all they do will have happy heirs.

  • It would be a much better world if we treated minorities as though tomorrow they might be the majority.

  • In appealing to authority, the individual is leaning on a crutch because his argument can’t stand on its own.

  • Before we can provide enlightenment to another we must first posses it.

  • Those that play second fiddle, play in solitude.

  • Few things create as much impediment to understanding one another as when we try to justify our emotions as being logically derived. Our emotions are just a property of ourselves and not a product of rational thought. To justify an emotion is as futile as trying to justify the existence of yellow.

  • If we get all wrapped up in ourselves, no one will want to deliver the package.

  • Imitating others is whittling oneself away in slivers.

  • If we fail to stand up for what we believe in, who will? If we are unwilling to stand up for our beliefs, the beliefs must be worth very little.

  • Yesterday’s river has past; tomorrow’s river is yet to be; today’s river is where we must dip our paddles.

  • In our pursuit of happiness, sometimes if we just stop and reflect, happiness will return to share in our reflections.

  • You can’t help others to soar unless your own feet leave the ground.

  • The eyes for reading between the lines are more prone to misreading than the eyes for reading the lines.

  • No matter how much we progress, we still drag our pasts behind.

  • Fears and desires often come to us mislabeled as thoughts. Much of human failure is a result of our not recognizing this either in ourselves or others.


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