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  • Theologies and science have little in common except in their oppositeness; Science will pursue truth regardless of accepted beliefs. Religion will pursue beliefs regardless of accepted truths.

  • The most important questions in every life are not asked of us by others, but what we ask of ourselves but cannot answer.

  • In knowing just a small amount about something, we need to remember that although that small amount is 100% of what we know, it is probably less than 1% of what is knowable.

  • When an answer to a problem is discovered before the problem, the answer becomes a problem.

  • It is natural to want to feel valued; because of this, it is easy to understand why so many have such positive feelings about their high school and college days when they were overpowered by the delusion that we were highly valued and that the future held the promise of becoming even more so.

  • To many, alcohol is the answer; it doesnít matter the question.

  • Every certainty is an untruth masquerading as a truth for all time.

  • We never know if when others go on a wild goose chase, whether or not they will sprout wings and catch some geese.

  • If the economic laws of supply and demand are applied to truth, it is easy to see why truth has such a high cost.

  • There is little doubt but that beauty is only in the eye of the beholder, but the majority of us tend to think that itís only in the eye of the critic.

  • Those that have used crutches all of their lives will be unable to walk without crutches; those that threaten their removal may as well threaten to remove their legs. The same is true when dogmas have been used as crutches.

  • Nothing is as delusional as believing that we understand our massively complex existence in a massively complex world.

  • That you only get out of something what you put into it, certainly doesnít apply to eating.

  • It is impossible to have oneís full measure of happiness while being concerned as to what others may think.

  • What some would call an idea, others might call an obsession.

  • It is a blessing that those beliefs that are false will, through attrition, wither because they will fail us.

  • Progress requires that there be change; change requires that there be problems; therefore, those that experience no problems are guaranteed to experience no progress.

  • The most certain way to stop thinking is to adopt dogmas; the most certain way to stop dogmas is to start thinking again.

  • The greatest problems with intellectuals is that they feel that their concepts should become reality even when reality refuses.

  • Perhaps there are absolute answers to lifeís greatest problems, but we should never hope to know them.

  • If someone believes that A is B and tells someone else that A is not B, is it a lie if it is really true that A is not B?


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