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  • If the average individual doesnít reject your idea, then perhaps you should. If the average individual rejects your idea, youíre probably on to something.

  • In self-discovery, whether we believe so or not, we always grope in darkness, gathering bits of ourselves but never enough to become completely whole.

  • If each of us marched to our own drumbeat, we wouldnít look like a parade but like downtown Manhattan at lunchtime.

  • It is well that we arenít aware of how many critical variables lie before us that we not only canít control, but we canít influence either, else few would strive and attain their goals.

  • In life, we are never truly lost unless we can no longer find ourselves.

  • Every generation seems to resent cleaning up the preceding generationís messes, yet they will not fail to leave the next generation messes of a new sort.

  • Success rarely comes to those that wonít go the extra mile; success often comes to those that go the extra mile; success almost always comes to those that donít stop at mileposts.

  • No matter how truthful we try to be, we never know how truthful we are.

  • We should never hesitate to ask the question for which we know that there are no answers-at least not yet.

  • It isnít that doubts and fears are in themselves harmful, what is harmful is when they stop us from going forward in their presence.

  • The well trodden path is seldom the path that ascends; it is usually the easy path that descends.

  • When wanting to act at a place where the act isnít prohibited, then act instead of trying to find someone to grant permission.

  • The only humans that approach absolute consistency are infants.

  • Inertia exists in other than the physical world. A mind at rest tends to remain at rest, and a mind in motion tends to remain in motion.

  • For an argument to long continue, it is a prerequisite that neither party understands the subject.

  • No matter how hard we may try, we can never be entirely normal because normal changes by the second.

  • Life should be more than just long; life should also be wide and deep.

  • It is little surprise that so few will learn from the history of others, that which would help them in their own lives, as so few seem to benefit from their own personal experiences.

  • Americans are increasingly looking to Hollywood actors for political opinions; how long will it be before they start consulting with grocers when they want opinions about acting?

  • It is wise to not condemn others because of their beliefs because as more is discovered we are likely to find that nearly all beliefs, including all of our own, are in some way very mistaken.

  • Dante said: ďAbandon hope all ye who enter here.Ē He might have added: ďAbandon hope all ye that donít enter somewhere.Ē

  • We need to be sure that when we look back on our pasts, that there isnít something to avoid directly ahead of us.

  • In the laboratory, when things donít go as planned, something more important is often discovered; perhaps life is just a larger laboratory where we need to look at of our failures as our new opportunities.


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