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  • As the conveyor belt of life passes by, the wise recognize and pick out the gems; the average picks indiscriminately; the unwise pick the stones, and the fools hop on the conveyor belt for thrills.

  • If there is a Heaven, then the joy of self-realization must be its preview.

  • It is best to open our doors and permit our fears to enter so that they can be destroyed, otherwise, they will always remain outside placing us under siege.

  • The most certain way, but not the only way to find happiness, is to be surrounded by happy people, and the surest way to become unhappy is to be surrounded by those that are unhappy; it is always in our interest to increase the happiness of those around us.

  • The basis for most arguments is ignorance of at least one, but more often of two.

  • Our “hang-ups” are like a noose strangling our reason.

  • Just because another has definite and strong opinions about things doesn’t make that person a know-it-all unless the person has definite and strong opinions about all things.

  • Though words may not break our bones, some words create wounds that may never heal in a lifetime.

  • The delusions of youth are devoured by the realities of adulthood. The delusions of adulthood are devoured by the realities of aging. The delusions of aging are just devoured and replaced with nothing.

  • We often hear how some experience “energy” when they’re surrounded by certain others when actually what they’re experiencing is the lessening of their own doubts about their own beliefs. Nothing seems to be so reinforcing of beliefs than to be surrounded by others with similar beliefs.

  • Like being in a labor union, we shouldn’t expect life’s great benefits unless we’re willing to pay our dues.

  • Impulse buying has much in common with drug addiction. One becomes excited by the anticipation of possessing something new, receives a high with its acquisition, and then experiences withdrawal when the high quickly leaves and the bills become due; then the process starts over again with the excited anticipation of a new meaningless acquisition.

  • You can’t get put into the game unless you’re sitting on the bench instead of the grandstands.

  • Repetitive thoughts tend to wear ruts in both one’s mind and character, causing thoughts to become beliefs and beliefs to become acts. For this reason care should be given to our persistent thoughts.

  • Resentment towards others should vanish if we would only remember that we will cause ourselves much more pain than all of the others combined.

  • Sound decisions are often those that make the least sound.

  • Although cream will always rise to the top, foam gets there first.

  • It is pleasing to reflect back on one’s accomplishments, but it is always a mistake to assume that another finds their recitations any more pleasing than if you were reciting last weeks weather report. Now, if you really want to get their attention, then ask them about their accomplishments.

  • The greatest of all hypocrites is the one that calls another “hypocrite”.

  • We, as the apple, drop from the tree when fully mature.

  • Those that speak a lot usually speak before they think, while those that speak little usually think before they speak.

  • Where is the wisdom when a nation is willing to go to war to pursue freedom for others when we so willingly become slaves to our desires and fears?

  • When the wealthy are loved, it is easy for them to believe that it is they that are loved and not their wealth.

  • Most of those that have become wealthy are like a ballplayer that just hit a home run and after crossing home plate, heads for first base again.

  • Happiness comes to us like the wake of a boat comes to the shore; happiness is the product of what we do, and seldom the result of our direct seeking.

  • Big egos are like big balloons; once they are pricked, little is left except a loud protest.

  • Whenever someone says that they have no talent, all that they are really saying is that their talent hasn’t been discovered, as it is unlikely that any of us are totally barren of talent. Therein lies mankind’s greatest undeveloped resource that is largely wasted.

  • Individuals are generally able to succeed in the recovery of their own emotional well-being, but are too impatient to do so because the process of self-discovery and self-recovery is slow and prolonged. With psychotherapy though, one can spend tens of thousands of dollars for help in a process of self-discovery and self-recovery that is just as slow and prolonged.


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