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  • The truth wears thin the more it is passed about.

  • When theories grow up and are accepted by most all, they are then called facts. Some things that we now hold as facts have enough exceptions as to cause us to wonder as to their parentage.

  • In many ways whatever we hold to be true was arrived at in much the same way that we choose a winner in a swimsuit contest-on the basis of appearance only.

  • Much of recent progress is the result of what is often called “creative destruction” where the old is destroyed and replaced by more efficient ways of producing what we want. Creative destruction can be applied to oneself as well, as we willingly destroy old beliefs and replace them with newer beliefs that are more efficient of producing what we want, and hopefully what we need as well.

  • They just don’t make years as long as they did when I was a kid.

  • Beliefs seldom come to us whole; rather beliefs are the arrangements of bits and pieces of life into something that we want to represent as reality.

  • It is a misbegotten belief that because we can influence the future that we therefore can determine it.

  • Perhaps the best things in life are free if all of the non-free things are paid for first, like food, clothing, and shelter.

  • If one is in general agreement with most others on any course of action, then that person should take one step back and try to understand why they err.

  • Were we able to comprehend our finiteness in both time and space, we would be profoundly humbled instead of being profoundly impressed by our significance.

  • The common belief that truth always prevails just might be true if one’s time horizon is sufficiently long; for shorter horizons, clearly lies and other non-truths prevail over the minds of mankind, a fact that any intelligent person should take into account before accepting anything purported to be true.

  • Animism is an extreme example of oversensitivity.

  • The belief, held by many, that there is some kind of conspiracy with them as its target, is a form of egotism; to believe that this kind of conspiracy exists presupposes that one is important enough to conspire against, a supposition that is almost always ill-founded.

  • The usual weapon in an argument is a finely sharpened ignorance.

  • Those that never doubt their beliefs are usually the ones that choose to condemn, by any means, those that doubt their correctness.

  • The more we know, the more we know of that which is unknown.

  • Can two points touch one another and not be just one point? Can people?

  • What we say may be original and even unique; what we are is always original and unique no matter our efforts to conform.

  • Often we hear someone speculate as to what is the purpose of life; such speculation seems to imply that there is a purpose. If so, one must presuppose that God placed us here for a purpose. Since there can be no verifiable evidence for speculating on even the existence of God, such speculation as to the purpose of life should be considered completely purposeless.

  • Those that speculate that all of life is but a dream, should strike their thumb with a hammer to see if that will cause them to awaken.

  • Of course things are always found in the last place we look, because only a fool would continue looking after finding; in much the same way, things always seem to end badly because as long as they’re not bad, we don’t end them.

  • If there were a confrontation between the ignorant and the learned, it is likely that the strong convictions of the ignorant would overpower the doubts of those that hold knowledge to be only probable.


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