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  • Atomic weapons haven’t created a new danger for us; rather they have only increased the potential efficiency of an old danger- that of mankind’s fear of other’s differences and how to reduce those fears by reducing the others.

  • It is difficult to be driven mad if one first refuses to get on board.

  • It is said that practice makes perfect; well perhaps less imperfect is more accurate, but when it comes to making decisions, the millionth decision will probably be unimproved over the first decision unless one has first practiced rationality in between. Decisions, based on impulses alone, probably deteriorate in quality in proportion to their frequency.

  • When one whistles in the dark, the whistler is easier to target.

  • If we just let ourselves go, and we do that often, pretty sure we’re all gone.

  • When anyone says “I think that I want a-‘it can be anything’”, the word “think” is misused, for even the lowest of animals “think” the same way in moving towards what they want. The person should say “I want a ‘it can be anything.’” Feelings are not thoughts not even when we have feelings about our thoughts.

  • Two things that could be said in favor of lying is that lying challenges one’s ability to create and challenges one’s ability to remember what was created.

  • If we ever try to live up to other’s expectations, it should only be long after we’ve lived up to our own.

  • If sex were only done for premeditated procreation, there would be no animal life on Earth.

  • Many go through life with the emotional equivalent of a dark blue wool suit, where everything that distracts seems to be attracted to it, never to be shed voluntarily.

  • It seems strange that there is an inverse relationship between what needs to be said and what is said.

  • We tend to learn little from experiences unless they are our own.

  • A hundred intuitive hunches can save anyone from having to make one rational decision.

  • Generally the more people talk about what they’re going to do, the less they’re going to do of what they’re talking about.

  • Stupidity wouldn’t be so noticeable if it were evenly distributed; unfortunately there are those that seem to be trying to corner the market.

  • First it’s called unthinkable; then it’s called fantasy; then it’s called impossible; then it’s called simple.

  • It is the fool that follows a road map when it says there is a road where there is none; so are we all from time to time when dogma tells us one thing while our senses and intellect tell us that the dogma is false and yet we follow the dogma.

  • Our destinies, our fates, and our futures are not truly ours unless we grasp them firmly and mold them to our own purposes.

  • In some circumstances it’s best that we don’t remember as long as we don’t forget what it was that we forgot.

  • Character can be looked at as the insistence on living by one’s principles no matter how strongly one’s desires demand otherwise.

  • Perhaps he who hesitates is lost, but perhaps he who hesitates is only thinking of a more probable way of winning.


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Page 90 of  139

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