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  • Like people, the leaves of some trees merely shrivel, turn brown, and drop to the ground when autumn comes, while with others, the approach of winter, brings out their greatest glory.

  • The desire to be liked by all and hated by none is corrupting to our existence because it takes us away from what should be our objective-to discover what we are, and to be what we are, whether anyone else would welcome us or not.

  • Silence can be golden; also silence can be putrid, as it all depends on what the silence is in the midst of.

  • Memory steals up behind us and whispers lies that fit our desires.

  • It is in our darkest moments that a candle burns brightest.

  • Any truth is hypothetical but the search for truth is certain.

  • The happiness that may visit our lives can be as different as any other part of our being, physical or emotional; it is profoundly unwise to look upon another life as being either unhappy or happy unless the owner of that life declares it so. For this we should be thankful or else we would all try to be in the same place doing the same thing.

  • Many believe that there is Earthly immortality, but this is just one of our many delusions. What we are exists only as long as those that we have had contact with, also live and remember us. After that we become mere words where those that may write about us will mold what we were into whatever they want us to be, and after a few generations the product will bear little relationship to what we were other than the name that we left behind.

  • A happy marriage is a kind of miracle where angels seem to combine two mountains into only one which will be much higher than either was before.

  • It is always those that feel themselves weak that go about destroying the strength of others.

  • How tragic it is that most will die never knowing of the wonder that was locked within them that never rose to their own awareness.

  • Strange as it may seem, one is capable of feeling loved by all those that are and all those that will ever be, not because one is ever recognized as a subject to be loved, but because one recognizes one’s self as being a part of the whole of mankind that will always be loved.

  • Internal harmony is a narrow bridge that crosses between reason and emotion, where we can travel each way, taking some of the other to each side, giving enthusiasm to our reasoning, and direction to our emotions.

  • Our thoughts are the vanguard of our acts; our acts are the vanguard of our character’ and character is the vanguard of harmony both internal and external.

  • When one requires recognition by others as being successful, then success is lacking; success comes from achieving one’s own goals, not those chosen by others. If one’s success requires recognition by others, then one has failed in being secure.

  • There is only one way that a husband and wife can attend each other’s funeral is for them to die together.

  • Arguments are more a dueling with words than an effort to inform another.


  • Before a horse can be of any use to mankind, it must go through a process called “breaking” when the horse will suddenly or slowly submit to the wishes of the person “breaking” the horse. The methods of “breaking” can be gentle or violent with many methods being in-between.

  • The same process is used in getting the child to submit to the wishes of its culture. The process involves denying much of what is within in order to submit to that which is without. Fortunate is the individual that was never “broken” by external means, but instead came to the conscious realization of what the minimum compliance that society would tolerate yet still preserve much of what will remain free and untamed without undue external sanctions. Within each of us is buried what we really are smothered beneath an overburden of what society says that we should be.

  • Until that free spirit is discovered buried within us and set free, any happiness will be a compromise between what societies want us to be and what we each can become.


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