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  • When we stretch a truth, it can fill a lie.

  • One of the strangest things about people is that they spend so munch money for the things that money canít buy.

  • The belief, that whatever doesnít destroy you makes you stronger, doesnít account for aging, at least not until much later.

  • Isnít it strange how so many want to be judged to be above average while not being considered abnormal?

  • Undoubtedly our days are numbered, but, are they numbered pre or postmortem?

  • The dreams of youth are eventually dulled by the awareness of our limitations; still, they still remain dreams.

  • The older one gets, the more the good old days get made from recycled memories that bear little resemblance to the originals.

  • How can life be either fair or unfair unless we are mad enough to imagine that life is a game?

  • The recipe for luck is: three parts focus, two parts determination, and one part perspiration. Mix thoroughly until done.

  • The only thing that should be in the eye of the beholder is aqueous humor, everything else is in the mind of the beholder.

  • The reason why we fail to enjoy the repeating of something that was joyful before is often because in the interlude we have exaggerated the prior joy so much that the present joy is pale by comparison to its memory.

  • It is said that ďStill waters run deep.Ē And although that is true, we also should remember that still waters are often just stagnant pools.

  • The best thing about sailing with the winds of popular opinion is that it is easy; to sail against those same winds Isnít easy and requires constant effort as well as skill.

  • To what extent our beliefs and feelings continue to reflect the past, our problems in the future will grow and eventually reflect mankindís ultimate demise.

  • In the intellectual sense, few at the base of a mountain have ever tried to climb the mountain, and few that have ever climbed the mountain will ever return to its base.

  • Regret isnít something that we should regret having, rather regrets should act as road signs that aid us in our journeys.

  • We all develop fortifications, within our minds, to protect our most cherished beliefs from the assault of reality that is certain to come.

  • WARNING!-Thinking is dangerous to long-held beliefs.

  • The longer a person invests oneís life in a belief, the greater the reluctance to part with it even if it is clearly shown to be harmful to oneís past, present, and future.

  • It isnít what peoples say behind your back that matters but what they whisper.

  • The road into the unknown will lead to places undreamed of today.

  • The willingness to die for a cause is only a proof of a personís sincerity.


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