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  • Curiosity survives, not because of its strength, but because it was clever enough to successfully hide from authority.

  • One of the most redeeming qualities of children is that they haven’t yet learned to not ask questions that we can’t answer.

  • Some people seem disappointed that when they ask for advice, that’s what they get.

  • American’s aversion to genetically engineered foods is further evidence that we can even discover hobgoblins sitting on our dinner plates.

  • There would be few in prison today if prisons were restricted to only those that intended malice.

  • Environmentalists are those that are drawn to the hope of preserving that which has always been; however this goal also attracts those that wish to oppose any change whatsoever without their approval; and others that are attracted who wish to prevent, out of hidden envy, others from prospering in any way.

  • We shouldn’t be consoled by the agreements of others, especially the agreements of most others.

  • A personal attack by another is a desperate act that indicates that reason, as a weapon, is lacking.

  • A con-man is someone that believes more of what he hears than what he says.

  • The reason that some say that they don’t get married is because the right person hasn’t come along. It shouldn’t be a surprise if the right person did come along that the other wasn’t the right person for them.

  • If the animal-rights movement succeeds in getting people to stop wearing fur, next they’ll probably go after leather jackets and shoes.

  • Can a procrastinator put off procrastination until tomorrow?

  • We should be glad that “Into each life some rain must fall.”, for if it weren’t for the rain, our joys of the sunny days would wither and die.

  • There is no peer pressure to a true individual; peer pressure is applied only to fractions of the whole.

  • Creativity is going where you believe no one has gone before; should you discover other footprints there, carry yours a bit further.

  • Three of the problems of life are that the past is hearsay; the present is mostly rumor, and the future is hypothetical.

  • One history book that few quarrel about as being totally true, is the dictionary, for it is the history of what we have meant by the words that we use; it is not a history of what words mean.


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