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  • Freedom is never there for us to give to others. All we can do is to either deprive others of it, or remove the obstacles that have hindered them in their pursuit.

  • Letting CEOs and directors choose and pay their auditors, is like permitting the prisonís warden and guards be hired and paid for by the convicts.

  • In pursuing success, itís best to assume that the future is always there for you to either take or make.

  • Ultimate power is not to be found in dominion over others, but in the dominion over otherís minds. For this reason we must always be vigilant against those that think that they should have the power to dictate what we should or should not believe.

  • We should look at our failures as being only tollbooths on the road to success.

  • Bemoaning Americaís diversity of, race, religion, ethnic origins and regional customs, is like being upset because a cake isnít made of just flour.

  • We shout our ignorance to the world whenever we proclaim our certainty.

  • Trying to close the gap between the have and have-nots by taking from the "haves" is like trying to close the ever-increasing gap between the educated and uneducated by requiring lobotomies.

  • Using profanity is the audio equivalent of smoking tobacco, acceptable to those that do, and generally offensive to those that donít.

  • To expect life to be rewarding without taking risks is like expecting a lottery to pay you without having made the gamble.

  • Those that are seeking absolute safety are really coveting their own graves; as only in the grave is there absolute safety.

  • It would seem strange if we produced cars faster than we trained drivers. Why then do we stress acquisition of knowledge without proportional instruction in the wisdom of using that knowledge?

  • It is impossible to tell if another is happy or unhappy, without that person saying so. We should never make an independent judgment about anotherís happiness.

  • It is as rational to express a feeling as though it were a thought, as it is to express a thought as though it were a color.

  • In drinking from the cup of life, drink until only the dregs remain.

  • Words that flow as in a flood are desired by few while the words that flow as trickles are treasured by the many.

  • When a wave kisses a large rock nothing detectible is seen but the trillionth wave will not find the rock to kiss.

  • It is wise to mistrust anything that seems only good.

  • Changing is a part of our nature; even those that resist change will find themselves changing back to what they really are.

  • To tell another what we believe that they already know is to command by stealth.

  • Many of those that seem very wise in instructing others have failed to first instruct themselves.

  • Killing time is a personal crime, as it is only our time that we kill, as all other time proceeds without noticing.

  • The greatest value of a comfortable retirement is the ability to develop that inner-self that lay dormant while oneís efforts were contending with all of the earlier day-to-day problems.

  • Many would choose to conquer a thousand than to conquer just one if that one were oneself.

  • How different life would be if we were as concerned about what goes on behind our eyes as we are as to what goes on in front of them.

  • The most predictable way of getting where you want to go in life is to never stop the getting until you get there.

  • We grope for truth in our blindness, and even when we have it in our hands, we are still unsure.

  • The greatest test of courage is not to be found in boldly confronting the dangers that are well publicized; rather the greatest courage is found in those, willing to confront, day in and day out, the many struggles that seem overpowering and certain to defeat them.

  • If one takes the thoughts of others and weaves them into something else, is that originality or repetition?

  • There is no more certain way to create problems in the future, then to tolerate them in the present.

  • If each of us would only be honest about what we are and what we were, we would find few instances of what others do, and for which we judge, that we also didnít do at some time in our lives either in thought or deed.

  • Profanity is the result of a limited vocabulary and limited concern for the ears of others.

  • Unfortunately the saying ďWe live and learnĒ Is all too true when its reverse would benefit us far more.

  • If you only stand with others, perhaps itís because you arenít able to stand alone without crutches.

  • That we shouldnít criticize what we donít understand is obvious; what isnít obvious is that we understand nothing and hence we should criticize nothing. Saying ďI donít like it.Ē is sufficient.

  • When another says: ďI know what I mean but I just canít find the words.Ē, you can be sure that the other is trying to express a feeling and not a thought, something that song and poetry do well but what few can do well simply with words.

  • Some not only march to a different drummer, they march to an entirely different marching band.

  • Anything that we are wary of, we will find, even if we must create it, as such is the way of fears.


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