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  • The first impulse of many, when they canít comprehend another, is to destroy the other.

  • The greatest questions that we ever ask are those that can never be answered.

  • Being bloodied and unbowed, when combating oppression, may be admirable. But once we recognize that we are combating reality, itís best to be un-bloodied and bowed.

  • If left on its own, reality will eventually become the exorcist for the foolish.

  • Being objective in judging oneís self is as likely as being oneís own pallbearer.

  • If in fact all citizens were created equal, then inequality would have begun with the umbilical severance.

  • Intelligence, without perseverance of purpose, is like a speedboat running without a rudder.

  • Using emotion, instead of reason, to solve lifeís problems, is like using a hammer to perform brain surgery

  • Strength of character cannot be developed by a life that is free of tribulation, any more than a good sword can be created without the furnace and the forge.

  • The mind is like a window blind. When open, it is receptive to enlightening ideas. When closed, it is receptive only to the darkness of old dogmas.

  • Happiness is like an erection; the more one dwells on it the more certain the failure.

  • Those with inner peace will never find need of war. Those, while seeking war, will never find inner peace.

  • Many more words flow into the ocean of knowledge from the numerous rivers of untruths, than from the River of Truth. It is for mankind to forever try and "sort the waters".

  • A mind is like an oyster, we never know if it contains a pearl until opened.

  • Happiness is like the IRS in that benefits cannot be had by merely making demands upon it.

  • An eagle soars highest with a strong wind is its face.

  • How can we ever be sure that we only use ten percent of our mental capacity until someone uses one-hundred percent?

  • Instead of fighting the current or going with the flow, one should remain like a stone in a stream that isnít moved by external pressures but moved only by what is found within.

  • A single source of light will bring light into the darkness, but no amount of darkness will bring darkness where there is still light.

  • Perhaps there is no fool like an old fool, but that doesnít keep younger fools from trying.

  • One might be hopeless but not hopelessly hopeless.

  • Do you need to be eighteen or older to commit adultery?

  • If we believe: ďI think, therefore I am.Ē Is true, can we thus assume that those that never thought, never were?

  • It is true that blood is thicker than water, but it is also true that blood spoils much quicker than water.

  • Think of how much better each of us would be if instead of being offended by criticism, we interpreted the criticism as pointing out where we could improve ourselves.

  • Why is it that we hold truth and honesty to be of such high values when we generally avoid those individuals that relentlessly exhibit these values; it is obvious that successful social relations requires much dishonesty as to beliefs, and lies about our feelings on matters that are contrary to others?

  • If mankind is going to survive for hundreds of thousands of years, mankind must change with the changing problems that are inevitable. We have brains that can make this possible if we choose to use them; the dinosaur dominated the Earth for over a hundred million years then vanished as we might also if we just move forward by primarily using our emotions instead of our reason.

  • When you go into the chicken coup with only one basket, your choices are: to leave the eggs under the hen, or to put all of your eggs in one basket. Sometimes lifeís the same way.

  • Success is usually the father of arrogance; failure is usually the mother of wisdom.

  • If there is a sucker born every minute, there are probably a thousand suckers displaying their wares every minute; after all, suckers donít just commit one foolish act per lifetime.

  • When many stumble over the truth, they donít just pick themselves up and go on; they usually pick themselves up and curse what they fell over.

  • If one tries often to do those things that others say you cannot do, eventually one of these things will be done while you never will be.

  • The poor suffer from a deficiency of material goods; the most impoverished among us are those that that suffer from a sense of worthlessness and a lack of self-esteem regardless of their abundance of wealth.

  • To accept that which is not understood is to believe nothing that is new.

  • Dreams are sold cheaply; realizations are sold expensively.


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Page 10 of  161

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