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  • Those that search within and find no sense of the Eternal have died while the heart still beats.

  • "Flawless" is a belief just waiting for a closer look.

  • Those that think that relationships are a matter of "give and take" might find relationships longer lasting if they were "give and receive".

  • Our beliefs should contain no more permanency than their congruency with our observations.

  • Safety is too dear a price to ever pay for even a small freedom.

  • That we find violence more acceptable than nudity in our entertainment, perhaps explains why there is so much more of the former than the latter.

  • Hope is the child of a wish and the parent of an act.

  • Oneís greatest weakness may be in the belief that strength alone determines outcomes.

  • If your field catches fire, urine will work better than a prayer for rain.

  • Except for the Pope, all of our opinions should be subject to amendment.

  • If all of our beliefs were identical, where would the source of personal growth originate?

  • It is possible to possess great originality in the total absence of uniqueness.

  • When you lead in a race, it is certain that you are followed.When you lead with ideas, you race alone.

  • Mankind will always regard itself as superior to all other creatures, as long as we write the specifications.

  • Freedom is an illusion that we should all aim for.

  • Slavery of any kind is a reality that should be destroyed.

  • Materialism isnít a substitute for humanism, rather it is only a subtopic such as are pleasure, health, and security.

  • When staring down into the black abyss, our only restraint may be the rope of hope.


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Page 10 of  131

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