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  • Many seem to believe that their rights exist not in the Constitution but in their yearnings.

  • Politicians, only by necessity, provide us with direction that benefits us, but will, with almost religious fervor, provide us with the fears and desires that tend to assure their reelections.

  • Career politicians are in office for no other ability than their talent for campaigning for election. No one should be surprised at their failings in other areas.

  • Government tends to maximize the number of our country’s fools by protecting them from the consequences of their acts.

  • Those that believe that thinking should be reserved for nerds and intellectuals should focus on a quote by one of history’s most despotic rulers. "What luck for rulers that men do not think." Adolph Hitler (1889 - 1945)

  • Defending the peace with war is like defending a forest by back-burning a portion to save the rest. There comes a time when both are needed.

  • One should regard our congressmen as conspirators that are attempting to slowly overthrow our government by increments.

  • It is our religious tendencies that blindly cause us to fight evil wherever we assume it to be. For this reason, there are laws forbidding the use of certain drugs. However those laws have given birth to a criminal culture that produces far more harm than we could ever have imagined to be caused by the absence of legislative prohibition; plus the drugs continue to be available anyway.

  • When our coins were worth their face value in precious metals, the government put small ridges around the edges of the coin to make it evident when someone filed the coin to steal part of its value. Today, it is the government that steals from its citizens, by decreasing the value of its currency by “filing” it down by using a tool called inflation.

  • It has been, and probably will always be, that the building blocks of our freedom are cemented by the blood of those that went before. Those that condemn the loss of life in maintaining our freedom are unintentionally beckoning servitude.

  • Political correctness is a tyrannical weapon used to squelch freedom of expression that doesn’t comply with various groups’ ever evolving standards. These standards are provided at the whim of those that feel that they are otherwise powerless to impose their personal beliefs on the many.

  • We are guaranteed the right to pursue happiness, but left in the dark as to where it will be found; and if found, how to cart it home.


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